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PNG Logomark Liege Heavy Imdustries

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The biography about  Ms.Blanche Fontaine ,  Pseudonym Marlene Sullivan : A lifetime of an aeronautical designer caught her mother

  1. (A.D. 2020 reworks) Lockheed C-37A Albatross  rearview
  2. JST 21:09 August 02 (Sunday ) : The main  Rocket moter 's nozzle Outline completion (  1 of 3 ) .
  3. JST 18:54 August 02 (Sunday ) : re-boot 2020 edition depends on New material Southern Cross Setting Reference materials Collection on Media Fire

  1.  ( RAW image ) C-37   "A"  Albatross ( Rear view )
  2.  ( RAW image )   C-37   " A "  Albatross  ( Front view )
  3. Liège Industries Lourd C-37  ( A, B, C  ) Albatross Heavy Tactical Military Transport  that cargo bay door systems CGI.
  4. Lockheed   C-37  "A "  Albatross  ( Front view ,  noise removal )
  5. Lockheed   C-37  "A"  Albatross ( Rear view ,  noise removal )
  6. (Transparent Rear View) Lockheed C-37 "A" Albatross
  7. Liège Industries Lourd  C-37  " B " Albatross Heavy Tactical Military Transport (Front view)
  8. Liège Industries Lourd  C-37  " C " Albatross Heavy Tactical Military Transport (Front view)
  9. C-37  ( A ,  B ,  C  ) Albatross cargo bay side view
  10. C-37  ( A , B ,  C  )  Albatross cargo bay door systems  the four view 
  11. The 40th Anniversary Flight : Army of Southern Cross  Aeronautics and Space Administration
  12. Rapport publishing released "Animec" October 1984 S.D.C. SouthernCross ( page  49  ) :      From page 47 to 50 , total 4 pages), fullsize Original PDF downloadable on Windows Onedrive
  13. The logomark of Liège Industries Lourd  ( PNG )

  1. ROBOTECH_ Southern Cross Auxiliary Aircraft Designs - C-37 Albatross.html
  2. Lockheed SC-37 Phoenix Tactical Transport Aerospacecraft
  3. C-37 アルバトロス - ロボテック・クロニクル.html
  1. BMP version logomark on Windows Onedrive
  2. Biography  of  Ms. Blanchie Fontaine (Marlene Sullivan)

  3. List of corporation logomark about Robotech Universe
  4. Light VERITECH Fighter VF-8 LOGAN
  5. SVR-1 Voyeur , SVT-1 Vixen
  6. Liege Industries Lourd SVR-1 Voyeur , SVT-1 Vixen on Deviantart

  7. C-37"B" Albatross
  8. Ms. Blanchie Fontaine (Marlene Sullivan)
  9. Mr. Georges Sullivan

  1. Block-03 " B " (Type 03 " B " is  optimized Bulletproof glass of the wind shield ) cockpit console for VFH-12C Super Auroran  ( a.k.a. " SuperAGAC " )
  2. (pixiv)  Block-03B 操縦計器 VFH12C スーパーオーロラン 52 pieces PNG images mirror archiv

  1. VFH-12H SuperAuroran Block50-B console panel on Deviantart
  2. (pixiv) VFH-12H SuperAuroran Block50-B console panel pixiv mirror three  Images(50-B with instruction, 50-B full-size, Block 45-C ) archive

1 . ( Tinami ) PNG original image resized 45 percent  ,  3600 pixel x 2993 pixel  :   Block 50-B console panel  ( 2.95 MB  Dpi 96.00 pixel ) 

2 . ( Tinami ) PNG  original image resized 45 percent  , 3600 pixel x 3128 pixel  :  Block 03-B console panel  (3.29 MB ,  Dpi 96.00 pixel )

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 "The coexistence of Liberté and Glorie", clearly a nod to the original Southern Cross anime for the colonies Liberté and Glorie :) .

 All your Robotech researches never cease to amaze me. Keep up the awesome work! :) .
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Liege heavy industries basis on the transfer.

Robotech Research and Development, otherwise known as the Robotech Department, was a the research division under the jurisdiction of the Global Military Police (GMP) of the United Earth Government (UEG).

The Robotech Research and Development (RRD) was unique in that it had oversight from Global Military Police (GMP) Intelligence. As such, the GMP would regularly employ RRD personnel to act as covert agents, sometimes going so far as tospy against their own personnel within the United Earth Forces, hoping to gain intellgience or technological advantage.

Most people were unaware of the organization's deviousness and often ruthless nature.

One such notable incident was areport filed by Pvt. Louie Nichols of the 15th Squad against a certain Major Cromwell after the former's invention, thePupil Pistol (aka Nichols's Special Vision Track Firing System or VTFS) was used to further the war effort, instead of justbeing limited to training as he had been promised.

Anticipating the coming of the Invid, RRD transfered most of the organization's personnel and equipment off-world to deepspace facilities operated by their Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) counterpart.
Their resources remaining on Earth were moved to hardened bunkers, RRD planners hope these facilities will become useful should the Invid establish a foothold on humanity's homeworld.
Incomplete intelligence on the Invid, in part from Robotech Masters scientists, suggest it would be nearly impossible to defend against theInvid's initial invasion.

-Classified Information-
Certain high-level agents had access to a confidential Zentraedi database. One such agent, George Sullivan was reported to have had detailed schematics of the RobotechMasters motherships.

  1. Robotech_Research_and_Development [English]
  2. 統合技術研究開発部 (特殊技術院) - ロボテック・クロニクル[Japanese language]
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 Wow, that indeed is very cool!

 And ruthless organizations in sci-fi stories like Robotech are one of the many references to actual situations in our real-world. It is a shame, but it is real, but it also gave the stories of Robotech a nice twist of interesting plot twists in times of real stress.

 I do remember that episode when they took Louie Nichols' invention for warfare purposes. It is also one of the few episodes in which you can actually see Louie's eyes :D .

 I can now understand that the second season of Robotech is very very understimated. I realized it is much better than what most people say.