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Fully transformable VFH-12 Super AGACS

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0.  The biography about  Ms.Blanche Fontaine ,  Pseudonym Marlene Sullivan : A lifetime of an aeronautical designer caught her mother

1.Video clip of VFH-10 AGACS AURORAN in slow motion

2. 3D-CGI transformation sequence images by Brian Denmeade made it  ( Main Website Robotech Chronicles)

3.  Petition ・ Please merchandise release ROBOTECH: Masters (Southern cross) especially fully transformable VERITECH model or toys !  ロボテック ( 超時空騎団サザンクロス ) に関係する商品、特に VERITECH に関係する商品の発売。 Change.org

Robotech Visions

5. Robotech Chronicles

* Summary for your petition's  motivation

  1. In back to March 4, 1985 (Monday) the Robotech of the North American Continent is televised, and March 4, A.D. 2015 does not have been any products development in spite of the memorial 30th anniversary Wednesday !
  2. Robotech,the product release of the VERITECH perfection transformation model of the Robotech 2nd. generation Masters / Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross is necessary.
  3. OR 4 channel flyable Coaxial rotors system  Gyrodyne  Radio Controlled VFH-12 Super-AGACS.

Orijinal art was posted by Kyle Dunn  thanks to his artwoks and courtesy !

* Carter Aviation Technologies, LLC  admire their  courtesy !  ( please refer to  " Gyrodyne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  " )

OLDER layout is here

3rd revised VFH masterfile AGACs Auroran

VERITECH Fighter - Helicopter AGACS VFH-10 Auroran Music Video on Dailymotion (Duration 1:26)

( Another version layout, English)
The coverart of  VERITECH Fighter / Helicopter MASTER FILE  VFH-10 Auroran , VFH-12 Super Auroran
ASC code : TASC-02-SCF
a.k.a : AGACS / Super AGACS
Published by : Yui Entertainment Inc.

  1. Block-03 " B " (Type 03 " B " is  optimized Bulletproof glass of the wind shield ) cockpit console for VFH-12C Super Auroran  ( a.k.a. " SuperAGAC " )
  2. (pixiv)  Block-03B 操縦計器 VFH12C スーパーオーロラン 52 pieces PNG images mirror archiv

  1. VFH-12H SuperAuroran Block50-B console panel on Deviantartj
  2. (pixiv) VFH-12H SuperAuroran Block50-B console panel pixiv mirror three  Images(50-B with instruction, 50-B full-size, Block 45-C ) archive

1. (Tinami) PNG Resized 45 percent  3600 pixel x 2993 pixel Block 50-B console panel  ( 2.95 MB  Dpi 96.00 pixel ) 

    2. (Tinami) PNG  Resized 45 percent 3600 pixel x 3128 pixel (3.29 MB) Block 03-B console panel 

    (改訂版 日本語)超時空騎団サザンクロス (ロボテック)に登場する 可変戦闘機/攻撃ヘリコプター「VFH-10 オーロラン」、「VFH-12 スーパーオーロラン」の VFマスターファイルがもし実現したらとの想定で制作した自費出版の表紙。

    部 隊内識別記号 TASC・01-SCF 宇宙機甲隊(略号:“TASC”,Tactical Armored Space Corps, 直訳は「戦術宇宙機甲・飛行航宙軍団」)が第13話以降、激化する戦局に対応して使用した可変戦闘機。全長(全高)12 m 強、戦闘機形態でのローター除く胴体長 9 m と本作品の可変戦闘機としては最も大型の部類に入る。

    ★ 皆さんの投票の「意欲と動機付け」 (モチベーション) に関わる趣旨の要約 

    1.  今を去ること西暦1985年3月4日(月曜)に、ロボテックは北米大陸のテレビで放映され1985年3月4日(水曜)で30周年記念にも関らず、商品展開がない。
    2.  ロボテック:マスターズ / 超時空騎団サザンクロス の VERITECH 完全変形模型の商品発売は必要である。
    3.  完全変形模型が集客力予測上、売り上げ達成が、もし実現不可能であれば、まずアニメを知らない一般のラジコンファン向けに 4chラジオコントロールの 同軸二重反転・主回転翼の 1/12 から 1/8 間の任意の選択による 縮尺の 「飛行可能なラジコン模型」 を開発する。  

      本投票の動機付けへの導入となる 3D-CGI 画像は 「キール・ダン」  【 " Kyle Dunn  " 】 氏が作成した。これに起案者側で高精細(high definition video, HD)と発色の修正を行った。  彼の厚意と元画像の提供に謝意を顕す

    カーター航空技術社  (Carter Aviation Technologies, LLC ) の厚意と技術資料参照への好意に感謝を示して。

      ( ジャイロダイン こと ” 複合ヘリコプター - Wikipedia ” 記事を参照してください!)

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    (The good Question by J-boy's Kultura)
    Art now, I know this had been mentioned & discussed, but, why did they design a space vehicle as a helicopter ?

    (Reply by Ms.Yui Yuasa)
    At first the circumstances about the real media franchise.

    They,the design group was going to manage it at first in the atmosphere and designed it, but discrepancy produced it because an investor including BANDAI felt uneasiness in the unpopular situation and gave it an order to use it in outer space.

    The rationalization by the fan of the coming ages about the fact on the film.

    They requested the designer for ASC to be able to manage it in both "Air Force" and TASC because a budget was insufficient.

    The Auroran, much more commonly known by the acronym AGACS, was developed to fulfill two different specifications: an air cavalry mecha for the Armies of the Southern Cross' Tactical Corps,and as a medium space fighter for the Tactical Armored Space Corps.

    The aerial theaters on Earth were assigned to the power full non-transformable fighters of the Tactical Air Force, including their F-207 "Sylphid" fighter,and the F-206 "Falcon-II" intercepter.

    Therefore,a demand that the AGACS also serve as the main atmospheric fighter-plane was dropped in the early days of the design phase.

    Because the only remaining atmospheric mission was as an air cavalry mecha,the AGACS was not required to reach high Mach numbers, and more time could be devoted to improving the slow-speed near-ground characteristics of the Auroran.

    The modest Mach 1.6 it could reach sufficed to engage its intended enemies, the AGACS's Zentraedi counterpart, the PowerArmors.

    The missile armaments were specially designed for this task; the AGACS could be equipped with the most lethal medium-range missiles developed to date, the Lightning missiles, in addition to the more conventional Hammerhead and Diamondback.

    The Lightning released cluster warheads near their target, and is capable of taking out several battle-pods or power armors per missile.

    The Southern Cross hoped that this would offset the numerical advantage the Zentraedi were thought to have.

    After the missiles had been fired, the AGACS were supposed to use their impressive mobility and their powerful aser to destroy the remaining mecha.

    Ironically, the Tactical Corps usually fitted other missiles to the mecha ,when it found out that the Tirolians were often engaged inside Earth'scities and installations.

    Later, Invid mecha were more often engaged at close range with smaller missiles than at long range with cluster warheads, for the maneuverable Invid were more adept at scattering (and cluster-defeating) tactics than the Zentraedi or the Tirolians.

    In space, the AGACS was designed to offer a small,maneuverable target,difficult to hit.

    In this theatre the advanced missiles would also be very effective, and the laser, unhindered by any atmospheric conditions,would offer a large range in addition to a high rate offire, the latter to both increase delivered damage and to increase the chances of a hit.

    Unlike its Alpha contemporary, the AGACS used helicopter components as its inter-mediate form.
    The helicopter capabilities were equal to those of the Guardian mode,and the fact that the transformation sequence required only minimal modifications from the Fighter mode increased the internal space.

    The extra room was used to increase the number of quad-protoculture cell energizers installed to three, and the extra power allowed a substantial increase in the delta-v by boosting the engines' magnetic bottling so as to increase engine temperature and reaction-mass-to-thrust efficiency.

    The additional power was also employed by the laser, which eliminated any ammunition problems and vastly increased the rate of fire.

    This was significant, because neither launcher package carried near as many missiles as the Alpha could.

    Due to certain minor differences in the required sensor and electronics fittings of the AGACS between the TASC and the TC, two different versions were procured, although the differences were minor enough that either version could functional most as effectively in the environment of thepther.

    Indeed, many VFH-10B TC AGACS were pressed into TASC service in the latter stages of the Second Robotech War.

    The differences were mainly the deletion in the VFH-10B of the nose-mounted high-definition , narrow-angle IIR sensor, which was of dubious advantage on Earth given the relatively close horizon there and the Allview medium range system alsoinstalled.

    Instead, the VFH-10B mounted another laser cannon in that space.

    Further minor differences concerned the Veritech's climate control system ,which was more geared towards atmospheric operation in the VFH-10B, though still quite capable in a vacuum, and in other environment-specific systems such as a more robust brake system for the more common unarrested landings.
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     Oh wow, thank you for the links!. It is very hard to find any good references for Southern Cross mecha (and ships), I wish this one also has a transformation guide like the Logan, but the diagrams look so great.

     Thank you for sharing the links! :la: .
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     You are most welcome, I am so glad you have made all these works with the links and the informations :) .

     Wow, I didn't saw those specific links even though I saved a huge tons of pics, hehehe :D . Thank you!