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Nevena nodded, “yes.” She dropped the covers from around her body, enveloping him within her embrace pressing against him when he leaned towards her. She nuzzled his neck, breathing in deeply. “I said, yes.” She murmured against his skin, pressing her lips along his neck and burying her face against him.

Commission for wonderful  :iconbluster-squall:

 Cullen and her Inquisitor Nevena.

Bunny Emoji-10 (Loved) [V1] 

Cullen and Dragon Age by Bioware
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Damn the sexy coming off this pic is to much to handle!
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Haha! I'm glad!
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Very beautiful :heart:
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Thank you so much!
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Damn it woman you are breaking me.
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Mission accomplished!
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If there was an emote on here that started with the emoji standing upright and then broke down into a puddle of tears as it clutched at its heart I would insert that sucker here so fast....
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Ugh! There are so many adorable things!!
Firstly that it is just plain adorable! I love Nevena's expression, she looks so happy and sweet! And the interaction between them is so subtle but intimate! I love her hand around his jaw and his hand on her back. I loooove the positioning of the two of them!
And Cullen basically kissing her nose/cheek has KILLED ME.
I love it! LOVE IT! You've totally done it again with these two! :heart:
Thank you so much! <3 <3
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Awww, girl! I'm really happy! :tighthug: It was a pleasure, believe me! I think they are really sweet. :)
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:giggle: :tighthug:

Breathe, just breathe.
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I'm tryingggg.... It's hard, he's so hot! :giggle:
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