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Another portrait of Thrawn, with long hair :)
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Long-hair Thrawn is never a bad thing. I mean, I love a clean-cut guy in uniform, don't get me wrong. But this is a cool look for him.

I was thinking today that he said he was only there for just a few months, but everything was made to look like he had been there for a couple of years. It made me think he couldn't have grown shoulder length hair in just 3 or 4 months, right? How long was the plan in the works? How long did he spend growing out his hair before they left him there?

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No idea, I just like the idea of Thrawn with long hair, like in the comic when he is discovered by the Empire :)

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Thrawn, eh? Not used to seeing him with long hair. Thought he was a Dunmer from Skyrim at first. Nice job, friend! Keep it up!!!
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Yeah, he had such hair in the begining of Thrawn comic. Now I play online Star Wars rpg with my friend and she got back to that look with him. Since I just love guys with long hair this drawing happened :)
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Yeah, I know he had that hairstyle. Guess I've been more interested in Skyrim than Star Wars lately since Disney has been f#$%ing up the latest stuff in the franchise.

Nice piece of art, friend!
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Thank you! And I know the feeling... Mandalorian is the first thing that I really enjoyed in a long time, but thanks to my disappointment with the movies I turned to books instead and there's a lot great things to discover. :)
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I never noticed he looked like one... mod request incoming xD

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now, that is an awesome drawing
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