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I couldn't sleep at night AGAIN!
Evarist STOP HAUNTING ME, damn it!

I think I'm going to use it as a cover of my comic.
I'll focus on the Last Journey now, but I think I'll start to write down the scenario of the Templar's Heart (yeah, I have a title).

Dragon Age universe by Bioware

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I've just...forgotten how to breath. That eyes is... I really don't have words.
I'm done. Get me away.
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Awwwww! Thank you! And, yes, that look is hypnotizing! 
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There's something majestic about he a king?
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No - he's a knight. :)
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I think Evarist's eyes have pierced my soul. Love it. :-)
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I have this on my mouse pad - he's staring at me all day long. :giggle:
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Lucky lucky woman. ;-)
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beautiful work
Thank you!
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:) I'm glad you like it.
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Oh my, it is wonderful! It looks so realistic and detailed! The shading is amazing! Can I use it if I remember to credit you?
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Nope, this portrait is a cover of my comic and my favourite one, so I'm totally possessive about it. Still thanks for the compliment.
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Wow, this is absolutely startling. The lighting is beautifully done, and his eyes are very catching.
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Thank you so much!
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I have no idea who Evarist is, but the portrait looks like Elrond from Lord of the Rings.

It's the eyebrows, I think.
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Thanks! I wasn't thinking about Elrond while drawing this but... maybe... hmmm...
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awesome portrait, a Templar you say!
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yeah. Thank You so much!
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Concept from DA 3.
My dear he just like your EVVY
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Maybe a little... ;)
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I hope not. YOURRR SO SEXY!
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