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Apache is the name of the Indians who lived on the American continent. They are a strong and has a powerful war strategy. The tribe is hostile to whites. In the battle against whites they always win. The first defeat occurred in 1886.

Apache tribe formerly lived in southwestern Mexico and southeastern Arizona. More recently, they moved from north to south America. This tribe is composed of several major groups, which are Mescalero, Mogollon, Coyotero, Arivaipa, Naisha, Tchishi, Faraone, Lanero, Gileno, Chiricahua, Mimbreno, and Tchikun. Currently the population of this tribe are left just as much of 11,000 spread across Oklahoma, Arizona, and New Mexico.

A brief history of indian tribes

The American Indians were the first settlers of North America came from Asia more than 20,000 years ago. Because following the game, they wandered through the Bering Strait (formerly the isthmus, is now dividing Asia and North America). Gradually they settled and developed into various tribes. Centuries they build communities regularly.

Before Europeans arrived, the Indians occupied much of what is now the United States. Indian tribes are grouped into six geographic regions.

Indigenous peoples of North America is composed of many tribes. They generally live by hunting, fishing and farming. The tribes known of which is the Cheyenne, Comanche, Don Sioux living on the Great Plains; Apache, Navajo, Pueblo who lives in the southwestern, Iroquois, Huron, and the Cherokee who lived in the east.

In the 16th century, Europeans arrived in North America for the first time. Thinking arrived in India (Asia), they mistakenly called the natives "Indians". The Europeans wanted the land. Therefore the existence of indigenous people is threatened. The Indians then fought against the settlers. In the 19th century, Indian tribes against the United States government tried to evict them. Through a fierce struggle, the Indians moved to the reserves, a special area for them. Until now, many Indians still live there.

Indian chiefs who led the last resistance to the "white man" is Geronimo (1829-1909) from the Apache tribe Chricahua. He led the attack to the southwest of the country to Mexico. Eventually he was caught and exiled to Florida. Then he was released and became a renowned national figure.

Indian tribes use bows and arrows, knives, and clubs as weapons. Many of them were carrying a tomahawk. In the 16th century they got the guns from dealers in Europe.

The skills of a soldier Indian feather signs visible from the show:

- Have you killed an enemy,
- Never kill and take an enemy scalp,
- Never cut the neck of the enemy,
- Never injured.

(Source: Wikipedia)
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