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Crystal Souls: Anthology - Oda
15 years ago in the old world, Sachiko Gozen was killed protecting her daughter, Reiko Oda, from Kazuo Saitou. She then becomes corrupted and fallen to darkness after being possessed by Saitou. 15 years later, Sachiko started her evil plans by killing her former husband, Naoya Oda, as well as Shinji and Mariko Azai, kidnapping her daughter and replacing her with a doppelganger, putting the darkness into her niece, Izumi Azai, and creating her other half, Yami, before calling herself Yomi. To those ends, she plotted to bring back the ancient evil. However, all of her plans were foiled thanks to a boy who would then become the Beacon of Hope which he vowed to become. That boy is Sachiko's nephew, Kai Azai. Eventually, after the end of the old world and the birth of the new world, Kai manages to free Sachiko and banish Saitou's unyielding spirit to the flames of Hell. Thus, he was able to prevent the tragedies that happened in the old world once and for all. Sachiko, now free, is happily
:iconyugo-naru:Yugo-Naru 6 3
Legendary Blake Belladonna by Yugo-Naru Legendary Blake Belladonna :iconyugo-naru:Yugo-Naru 36 10 Legendary Ruby Rose by Yugo-Naru Legendary Ruby Rose :iconyugo-naru:Yugo-Naru 39 9 Legendary Bao Sanniang by Yugo-Naru Legendary Bao Sanniang :iconyugo-naru:Yugo-Naru 12 1 Legendary Reiko Oda by Yugo-Naru Legendary Reiko Oda :iconyugo-naru:Yugo-Naru 14 1 Legendary Izumi Azai by Yugo-Naru Legendary Izumi Azai :iconyugo-naru:Yugo-Naru 20 1 Legendary Lilith by Yugo-Naru Legendary Lilith :iconyugo-naru:Yugo-Naru 22 1 Halloween Sinon by Yugo-Naru Halloween Sinon :iconyugo-naru:Yugo-Naru 8 1 Halloween Asuna by Yugo-Naru Halloween Asuna :iconyugo-naru:Yugo-Naru 14 1 Halloween Yuna by Yugo-Naru Halloween Yuna :iconyugo-naru:Yugo-Naru 13 7 Halloween Haruka Shimizu by Yugo-Naru Halloween Haruka Shimizu :iconyugo-naru:Yugo-Naru 10 3 Halloween Lilith by Yugo-Naru Halloween Lilith :iconyugo-naru:Yugo-Naru 8 4 Halloween Kai Azai and Lightning the Sparrowhawk by Yugo-Naru Halloween Kai Azai and Lightning the Sparrowhawk :iconyugo-naru:Yugo-Naru 7 1 Yuko the Vampire Hunter Special 1 by Yugo-Naru Yuko the Vampire Hunter Special 1 :iconyugo-naru:Yugo-Naru 10 7 LegendVerse Group Avatar by Yugo-Naru LegendVerse Group Avatar :iconyugo-naru:Yugo-Naru 17 4 Legendary Yang Xiao Long by Yugo-Naru Legendary Yang Xiao Long :iconyugo-naru:Yugo-Naru 57 17
Check out the following links (which are parts) to my gallery. It is so that you can catch up on any recent artwork you missed. But, remember, they might change depending on how many deviations I upload

Random Favourites

The ULTIMATE Gift before my Vacations start!!! by Kiro-Kurusu The ULTIMATE Gift before my Vacations start!!! :iconkiro-kurusu:Kiro-Kurusu 11 111 Four Crystals by SeantheInkling Four Crystals :iconseantheinkling:SeantheInkling 12 18 Human inksona sean, sword art online site by SeantheInkling Human inksona sean, sword art online site :iconseantheinkling:SeantheInkling 6 20 Omg it's Sephiroth by SeantheInkling Omg it's Sephiroth :iconseantheinkling:SeantheInkling 9 8 Hajiame  (Request) by SunFlameArtist Hajiame (Request) :iconsunflameartist:SunFlameArtist 4 0 My new sword weapon! by Xdmario My new sword weapon! :iconxdmario:Xdmario 17 15 Almost Christmas With Ladies and Mutant.  by Fistron Almost Christmas With Ladies and Mutant. :iconfistron:Fistron 66 196 good job 3 by rivalsecret good job 3 :iconrivalsecret:rivalsecret 33 5 Splatoon Profile: Ashen Twisty Made by Huntrex11 by Twisty-N-Spindle Splatoon Profile: Ashen Twisty Made by Huntrex11 :icontwisty-n-spindle:Twisty-N-Spindle 37 7 Broken and Lycanroc! by BrokenNooby64 Broken and Lycanroc! :iconbrokennooby64:BrokenNooby64 10 2 My Pokemon Trainer by BrokenNooby64 My Pokemon Trainer :iconbrokennooby64:BrokenNooby64 9 1 S U P P O S E D L Y O O T E N G U by AkikazeKun S U P P O S E D L Y O O T E N G U :iconakikazekun:AkikazeKun 52 24 Lineart: Nico and Kirby! ^^ by TheCreepyGengarGirl Lineart: Nico and Kirby! ^^ :iconthecreepygengargirl:TheCreepyGengarGirl 7 9 Wendy, Stella, and Judith by Nephle by MekkMarcos Wendy, Stella, and Judith by Nephle :iconmekkmarcos:MekkMarcos 7 0 63th book picture by KunYKA 63th book picture :iconkunyka:KunYKA 25 9


Legendary Outfits
Hello everyone! I am now accepting commissions about one thing: Legendary outfits! To celebrate the uploads of the Legendary outfits, I wanted to begin accepting commissions over Legendary outfits.

For this feature, you need to pay 100 points and pick whatever type of character you wanted to commission. 
1. Your OC
2. My OC
3. Non-OC Character

But, please remember that I might take a while to finish it and in case I might forgot, please remind me.
Also, despite saying that I will draw Legendary outfits for each month, I wanted to make things less boring by accepting any other character who never made it to the top four in my gallery or yours. However, even though it doesn't matter if the character you chose made it to the top four or not, you need to follow the following conditions before you can commission me.
1. The character you chose can be either your OC, my OC, or a non-OC character, but they must have experience in combat.
2. The character you chose must be in their default versions only. That means default costumes!

Thank you.
Crossover Arts
Hello everyone! I am now accepting commissions about one thing: crossover arts!

For this feature, you need to pay 100 points and pick whatever type of crossover art you wanted to commission. 
1. Crossovers between OC's
2. Crossovers between non-OC's
3. Crossovers between both OC's and non-OC's

But, please remember that I might take a while to finish it and in case I might forgot, please remind me.

Thank you.

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Hi, I'm Yugo-Naru! You remember me as YugoNaru. Well, this is my new account for now. I just need to bring it back into shape by bringing back most of the old stuff and put in new stuff. I just want to put in some drawings of just my OC's and fanart of non-OC characters. And plus, I want to put in one important element for the new account: flexibility. I'll just pick what characters or OC's to draw by random.

But enough of that now! Anyways, drawing has always been my hobby. Sometimes, I might play games, such as Dynasty Warriors and/or Final Fantasy, or anything else. Depending on the times I might have time for drawing or not.

If you're looking for me on Steam, my Steam name is thepham2

Also, if you're looking for me on Google+, go to…
If you're looking for me on Twitter, go to

I am accepting art trades or requests right here on But before you can request me, please read the rules first before you can request.

To see my alternate account, go to…


Decide my Fate:
When I went to my alternate account, I see that I began to get new watchers, including my watchers of my main account, on my alternate account. But, I don't know if I should stay on the main account or move to my alternate account since my alternate account will be receiving new watchers anytime soon. So, let me ask you this one more time: should I move to my alternate account for good? Or should I stay in my main account?

I just need to finish off any due commissions as well as continuing to constructing my alternate account though.
9 more watchers to go and I reach 400 watchers
Hello everyone.

Today I got a new list of possible aesthetic changes to characters. The purpose is to redraw them in a way I see them so that they can stand out differently. Also, each of them will be colored with a colored pencils of a different brand for now and then instead of the ones I currently used. In fact, I might remake them along with previous or new drawings. But, let me show you how I will give aesthetic changes to characters based on the following criteria. And this criteria will only apply to character drawings
1. Drawings need more color, so I will use colored pencils of a different brand (thank you for the suggestion, :iconkubeti:). Also, some characters will be redrawn to go along with the most recent drawing style
2. Any anime, animesque, or animated styled character will have some of their features altered to remain faithful to how they are illustrated. Examples include Makoto Naegi, Ruby Rose, and Kirito. The rest will retain appearances illustrated by me.
3. For new remakes of any previous drawing or even new future drawings in this account, their new poses will include allusions to their original poses though they may be different.
4. Some characters that are drawn already will be drawn in their appearances based on their actual debuts or their most recent appearances. Others will retain their appearances as I drawn them. However, there will be some elements added to most characters' costumes to fill in the missing features if not all of them. Either way, these appearances shall be their default appearances and any former default appearances will be either redesigned, reorganized as alternate versions or extra costumes, or removed.
5. Most of my OC's may keep their revamped designs though they will have some of their features redesigned to remove any unrealistic features.
6. For alternate versions, some of them will either be reorganized as extra costumes (originally named alternate costumes) or be removed based on my preferences, regardless if they are canon or non-canon. Furthermore, fan AU versions are now welcome.
7. Alternate costumes will be retained though they will be renamed as extra costumes to differentiate from alternate costumes that is now a new type of alternate versions which replaces special costumes. Also, in the list of outfit themes, some outfit themes along with sketch-exclusive outfit themes will be removed to emphasize outfit drawings with backgrounds and variety of poses. And any OC-exclusive outfit themes will no longer be restricted to OC's. Also, fanmade outfits are now welcome.
8. For other people's OCs or any other previous request or art trade drawings I have done so far, they will be remade.
9. Any character who hadn't received an official extra costume based on an outfit theme will have either original costumes made by me or retain costumes that are not official but come out as popular.
10. Those that are not considered characters or are considered as generic only, are now considered actual characters. That includes generic characters only if they are named.
11. Any mistakes that I overlooked will be fixed.
12. Censorship may be applied

And that's all the criteria I have. Now, here's the list of possible aesthetic changes I will set for any characters I drawn so far. And please note that this list will show all characters only in their new or old default versions (not counting those who appear in extra costume only). Also, not all of them will be receiving aesthetic changes, rather some of them will be listed as though they had changes
1. Kai Azai and Lightning (Part 2, with dog tags repositioned, Moogle Doll given more detail, and sword given realistic detail)
2. Kira Azai (Part 1, same like Kai Azai, but given a butterfly knife which replaces his kitchen knife, and glasses repositioned)
3. Ultima Armor (Samurai Armor)
4. Lilith (Mage)
5. Izumi Azai (Part 1)
6. Nagayoshi Oda
7. Reiko Oda
8. Akane Mochizuki
9. Kanji Teuchi
10. Izana Minami (Part 1)
11. Yuko Saitou
12. Yuuta Toyotomi
13. Kyoko Toyotomi
14. Mayumi Oda
15. Kakeru Shibata (default outfit redesigned and flame sword given a revamp)
16. Naomi Tachibana
17. Mitsuru Takahashi
18. Haruka Shimizu (default outfit redesigned)
19. Hajime Ii
20. Tamamo no Mae (Renamed under "Tamamo no Mae")

1. Spider-Man (Civil War outfit)
2. Shocker (Herman Schultz of Homecoming, though given more elements from his Classic outfit)

1. X-23 (Classic outfit though with some elements from Logan (film)).

Star Wars
1. Yoda (Prequel Trilogy appearance though with elements from his Clone Wars appearance)
2. Aayla Secura (Clone Wars appearance)

Power Pack
1. Lightspeed

Final Fantasy
1. Warrior of Light (Dissidia Final Fantasy)
2. Bahamut (Final Fantasy appearance)
3. Chocobo (Final Fantasy V, though in a more detailed appearance)
4. Flan (Final Fantasy XIII appearance)
5. Moogle (Final Fantasy XIII-2 appearance)
6. Bartz Klauser and Boco (Final Fantasy V appearance, with Boko renamed as "Boco" as well as having an unique appearance)
7. Cactuar
8. Lakshmi (Final Fantasy VI appearance though redesigned by :iconyugo-naru:)
9. Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII appearance, though with the Dissidia version of the Buster Sword)
10. Sephiroth (Advent Children)
11. Tidus 
12. Yuna (Summoner)
13. Ultima, the High Seraph (Redesign by :iconyugo-naru:, though with elements of Final Fantasy XII)
14. Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII appearance AKA Guardian Corps)
15. Flanbanero (Renamed as "Flanbanero")
16. Eos and Selene
17. Ace (Type-0)

1. Deadpool (Film outfit)
2. Cable (Film outfit)

Dynasty Warriors
1. Lu Bu and Red Hare (Dynasty Warriors 1 outfit, though with the headdress from Dynasty Warriors 8 added. Also, his halberd and Red Hare appear in DW7 design)
2. Bao Sanniang (Dynasty Warriors 7)

1. Sasuke Uchiha (Part 2 Long-Awaited Reunion Arc)
2. Hinata Hyuuga (Part 2)
3. Tenten (Part 2)

1. Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck (Adult form)

Future Diary
1. Aru Akise (Regular Outfit)

Sword Art Online
1. Kirito (Black Swordsman)
2. Asuna (Knights of the Blood)
3. Leafa (ALO)
4. Sinon (GGO)
5. Silica and Pina (SAO)

Attack on Titan
1. Annie Leonhart (Training Corps)

1. Monokuma 
2. Makoto Naegi (Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc)
3. Chisa Yukizome (Danganronpa 3 Future Arc)

Assassination Classroom
1. Irina Jelavic

1. Ruby Rose (Volume 1)
2. Weiss Schnee (Volume 1)
3. Blake Belladonna (Volume 1)
4. Yang Xiao Long (Volume 1)
5. Velvet Scarlatina (Battle Outfit)

And that's all the aesthetic changes I could list out. However, if you have anything to say about this and would like to suggest something, please don't hesitate to comment below. But, please keep it age appropriate, respectful and positive.

As always, thank you for reading!


When I saw your art, I see how you drawn an anime girl. She has good shading, good coloring, and good detail. I like how you designed h...

Hello there. I will be giving you a critique. I like how you drawn the comic. I see how the story goes as well as the imminent ending p...

Here are my critiques thus far. I don't think I can do well in critiquing, you know.


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