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this person does awesome works of art and currently has commissons as of now! plz give them a try they are friendly and nice x3

Hey guys I’m still open for commissions if ya want some ^^ I have both canine and human ones just follow the link ^w^…
Not by me but a good friend of mine ^^ check it out guys!…
a good friend of mines :iconromallax: is selling adorable human adopts and need a home >w< they are very cute ^w^

Medieval Apoptables [OPEN] by Romallax<da:thumb id="724586234"/>
a raffle to get one if not both of the flamatergo ^^ 
Legendary Raffle ((CLOSED)) by Besus-Cretin

a cool species by the group :iconflamatergo: ^^

new members are welcome ^^
Hello guys! ^^ im on vacation for a while and i wanna do some commissions ^w^

for humans and humanoids go here 
but i can also do canines  ^w^   only one character per drawing plz ;w; 


 lineart-ish 60 points
   Line art-future fox oc~ by yugiohfreakXD 

 colored 100 pts:
  Shiranui  by yugiohfreakXD Arcanine  by yugiohfreakXD AT for LordSecond by yugiohfreakXD kaneki-kun by yugiohfreakXD


 lineart-ish 80 pts

Random  by yugiohfreakXD
colored 130 pts:
Inner Mute by yugiohfreakXD Set by yugiohfreakXD Strolling Around by yugiohfreakXD Cortez by yugiohfreakXD

Canine digital w/ simple background 150 pts:
Snapped  by yugiohfreakXD Yona by yugiohfreakXD  Bloodthirsty  by yugiohfreakXD
Also can do canine busts as well 90 points:
New Hairstyle  by yugiohfreakXD Leudagar by yugiohfreakXD Felix by yugiohfreakXD


Hey guys xD a friend of mines is doing commissions at a low price (PLEASE READ THE RULES FIRST) and why not look at it and see if you are interested ^^…
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HEY GUYS!! so i have a few aawesome friends that have sommissions going on and if you are interested why not give a try?

PLEASE read the rules. now its a given that you must read the rules, but some people seem to not and just comment. 

so yea u want one go to these guys ^^

[ CLOSED ] Pixel CommissionsHi! Please read everything before submitting a form.
Points Only please!
tick Human/Humanoid
    tick Extra accessary such as glasses, hats, ears, tails, wings etc are also accepted. 
Ask about:
Pink Flower Gore.
Pink Flower Weapons. 
Refuse to draw:
Pink Flower Anything that will be used as for hate, harmful, racist, sexism etc. 
Pink Flower NSFW. 
Pink Flower  Do not steal/trace/upload outside/inside of Deviant art.
     Arrow left This only applies to the commissioner

<da:thumb id="716278049"/>

.:Realistic Sketch Commissions:.[50 Points] {Sale}🌸**Sketch Commissions .:SUPER LOW:.!**🌸

[ENDS: 12/12/2017]
[These will be busts {shoulders Up}]

Human: 50 Points
Animal: 75 Points
Anthro: 100 Points
Complex/excessive details: +100 Points
Extra character: +1/2 of character price
Simple Background: +50 Points
Complex Background: +100 Points 
Drawing From Description: +150 Points 
Colored Sketch: +50<b>

.:PhillTheFab Commissions:. [Price List]🌸.:PhillTheFab's Commissions:.🌸
Points   &  PayPal bullet  Exclusive
Howdy \o/ Phill Here- I've done so many commissions that I've decided to make a more clear and exact place where you can find my prices :D


A good idea of what I can and will draw- and what I wont \o/
 I can/will draw:

tick Cannon Characters [CC's]
tick Fan Characters [FC's]
tick Original Characters [OC's]
tick Humanoids/
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this person worked hard to draw this beauty ^^ why not try to see if you can bit for her? ^^

Canine Auction 4 (close) by Anime-wolfz…

Ima be doing some simple shirtless bust commissions (males only im rusty on females)  and see where it takes me~ Also all will have no bgs ^^

No color lineart-ish: 50 pts (examples)  Fubuki by yugiohfreakXD Cedric by yugiohfreakXD Gabriel by yugiohfreakXD
Color: 100 pts (examples)  Samuel by yugiohfreakXD Unconditional Love by yugiohfreakXD


No color lineart ish: 70 pts (examples)  Yuan by yugiohfreakXD Nyx by yugiohfreakXD
Color: 120 pts (examples)  Sunshine x Snowblossom  by yugiohfreakXD Calavera VIncent by yugiohfreakXD

Will do: 
-Humanoids (like with animal ears or horns)

will not do:
-anthro (this is strictly humans ;w;)
-part or full machine
:iconshadowof-oblivion:  :iconshadowof-oblivion:  :iconshadowof-oblivion:  
plz check this group out its lots of fun and its pretty cool~ ^^
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After the events that got Gabriel hurt severely and unconscious made Fubuki feel like shit. Again an important person that is close to Yuan is hurt....worse than Nyx this time. Anything he does now someone gets hurt. The one he cherishes most right now is also hurt and couldn't even help the man. While on his room he was in a corner and placed his hands on his head hyperventilating and close to loosing his mind. Fubuki's mind was swirling words like failure, worthless and cursed. He has not seen Oz in a while but feels like he will one day be so disappointed in that he will no longer see him as a brother. Yuan will most likely kill him if he ever gets out of jail. Lionel will be glaring and growling at his sight. Nyx will be also disappointed and ashamed. He truly indeed fucked up.
He goes and rubs the small bump he has and almost wanted to destroy the small creature inside him by doing the seppuku. A tradition to kill ones self to wipe off their sins and mistakes. He is not worthy to bring anything into this world where someone will be hurt just by his presence or a small action. If not seppuku then death by yuans hand will do. The idol he looked up as a child now will glare at him and claw his soul to shreds for hurting the one person yuan trusts the most.
In all this insanity he got up and used what little magic he can use and teleported out of the castle and into the garden. He then snuck out from a small crack of the castle and walked aimlessly onto the streets. Yuan should end his life indeed for his mistakes. It will bring some comfort for the queen. Sam....the man he loves must be ashamed of him too. He walked far into the night in the desolated streets till he spot a ditch and goes there. He wishes for a painful and prolonging death by anyone really and held his unborn child once more and placed his head on his knees and began to cry silently into the night.