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Viktor by yugiohfreakXD Viktor by yugiohfreakXD
now he is an adoptable~ so info time~

Name: Viktor

Age: 3 yrs
Gender: Male

Breed: Basenji/ Canaan Dog mix

Nationality: Belgian

Personality: Alert, brave, fearless, intelligent, caring toward his comrades, loyal, silent.

Bio: He was born in Bruges, Belgium in a middle class family. He was the runt of the litter so his parents didn't wanted a weak son. A woman came to their shop, the family owned a Cafe place, and said if she can take him. He was adopted at 3 weeks old. She helped him get back to health and nurtured him. Now he is a healthy male dog that helps his human at a local Hospital. While he was relaxing at home he heard a fellow cat neighbor called out to help her, for there was burglars in her house. He went without hesitation and  bravely fought them. He was able to get the burglars captured, but he ended with some scars on his face and side. He then decided to create a pack, of pet cats and dogs, in order to help humans in need. Many agreed with him and he was chosen as the Leader of this pack. when he was growing up with his human he got fighting lessons by the owner's father, who happen to be a police officer that trained K9 dogs to fight. He may have a face that looks like it never smiled but he really cares for his fellow comrades, and would not hesitate to use his life to save them. He is quiet and silent, also he barks at a certain level due to him being part Basenji. He can however howl or make other noises to communicate with other members. He exclusively trained his pack members to understand the noises he makes and what each one represents. This makes whose who hear these noises not know what the cats and dogs will plan their attack on the criminals. As of right now he is working as a relief dog for patients who are scared or just to see someone comfort them.

long huh? XD i should stop adopting now but only time will tell XD

hope you like him~

Viktor (C) yugiohfreakXD 
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August 25, 2014
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