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{{UTC}} Fubuki App by yugiohfreakXD {{UTC}} Fubuki App by yugiohfreakXD


first time entering this group and hope to have some fun~
used my tokyo ghoul oc for this since when will he fit in any group ^^ 

Bullet; White General Bullet; White 

Full Name: Fubuki Takatsuki
Species/Breed: Kishu inu
Gender: Male
Age (Human equivalent): 17
Pack: Night
Rank: Second

Bullet; Green Personality Bullet; Green 

 Friendly| Loving| kind| Intelligent| 

Neutral:  Softhearted| Selfless| Brave| hardworker

Bad: Timid| Awkward| shy

Bullet; Black Biography Bullet; Black 

Fubuki's life was relatively nice, his mother was kind to him and always protected him at all cost, since his mother lost all of her first litter besides fubuki so she became overprotective. His father died way before he was born so he never knew who he was. This didn't last however as she died from an illness when he was 4 months old, making him vulnerable to the elements and other animals. HE stumbled to a pack that decided to have some fun with him, torturing the poor pup till he ended up bloody and mostly of his tail gone. He limped around wonded and bloody for a while till a wolf noticed the young pup and decided to take him in and cure the injured pup. The wolf decided to train the pup, sensing that the pup had potential to become something big. In the area he lived was full of wolves and he felt outcasted by the other wolf cubs as he was different from them for being a dog, and the scars he had on him. He didn't made any friends when he grew up so during those lonely times he would train for hrs till he collapses. Once the wolf felt Fubuki was fully trained the wolf told him to move out and live on his own, basically he kind of kick him out for his own good and live with others. He was eligible for the Second position due to his stenght and itelligence
(will work on his bio better later on ;w; )

Bullet; Blue Relationships Bullet; Blue 

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Status: Single ready to mingle (not now tho i just got in XD)

Blood Mother: Hiroko Takatsuki (deseased)
Blood Father: Osamu Takatsuki (deseaced)
Half Parents: Unknown
Blood Siblings: deseaced
Half Siblings: None
Adopted Family: Jairo 

Mate: N/A
Offspring: N/A

Relationships: (add later as i rp)

Bullet; White Bullet; Green Preference Bullet; Black Bullet; Blue 

  • (wip)

  • (wip)


SKY: "they"

SPRING: "idk?"

NIGHT: "where i was born and raised~"

WINTER: "interesting place to live"
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Woofies2003 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
yesssss good son

the only fix you'd have to make would be another accessory :'> theres a minimum of 2 accessories and I only spy one 
yugiohfreakXD Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
thank u ^^
Woofies2003 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
no problem! 
yugiohfreakXD Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
fixed ^^
xSleepyKittyx Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist

WELcome to UTC friendo!!! I'm actually throwing Gabe into the night pack at some point too I'd love to have them be friends here omg-
yugiohfreakXD Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Yay!! ^^ this group sounds awesome ^^
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