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Nashi by yugiohfreakXD Nashi by yugiohfreakXD
redid her design~ :3

Name: Nashi

Gender: female

Breed: koga/ kai mix

Nationality: Japanese

Age: 2 yrs

Personality: brute, tough, passive, naive, truthful

Bio: She was born in the Southern alps of japan from a farmhouse. She was the runt of the litter & the oldest pup always beat her up to the point that he blinded her in one eye. She, along with Kazuki, were later adopted to a elderly man when they were 2 months old. He was an old ninja & judo teacher & felt sorry for the young pup so he trained her. Due to her being part koga she excelled in her training even judo. When she turn 1 her master died so she and Kazuki went on their own. She then met her half brother Shirogane & after a few fight, followed him to his master. Together both got more training and went on missions as soon as they were able to defend. While Nashi is fighting, Kazuki tells her a plan on how to and where to attack. She is often with Shirogane but she is sometimes she is with Kazuki and in occasions Kaito. She is the fastest, besides Kurona,  of the team and the most brutal compared to her sister Kazuki.

Old ref: Nashi
Nashi (C) yugiohfreakXD 

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