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Lukaz by yugiohfreakXD Lukaz by yugiohfreakXD
took away unnecessary scars :3

Name: Lukas

Gender: female

breed: Karelian Bear Dog

Nationality: Finnish

Age: 2 years

Personality: Cool headed, friendly, feisty, hard worker, tolerant, smart

Bio: Born on the snowy terrain in Finland, she was born in a hunter family who hunts down bears. She was mistaken by her owners young son & called her Lukas thinking she was a male. They found out later that she was a female but let her keep that name. As the months passed by she was being train to hunt large prey like moose or bear & was an excellent hunter and was very popular within the community. She had successfully taken down at least several large bears and moose with ease. While on an organized hunt with other hunting dogs they were attack by a large bear. She defended a fellow canine and suffered greatly. The hunters came in and were able to take down the bear, only  to realized that it was a female that was protecting her young and the dogs were near the cave. Feeling guilty the hunters took the cubs and send then to an animal sanctuary. Lukaz was taken to a veterinarian hospital where she survived, but left her deep scars. Because of the encounter she is now more alert and pays more attention so that a similar incident does not happen again.

old ref: Lukas
Lukaz (C) yugiohfreakXD 
Wantsomeginger Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2015  Student General Artist
Awesome drawing! One note, cool headed and aggressive don't really mix well. Maybe they have some patience? or tolerance?
yugiohfreakXD Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
oh! thanks! i always have difficult time putting personality. Aggressive was meant for when she hunts but patience or tolerance will be better~
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