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Kulka by yugiohfreakXD Kulka by yugiohfreakXD
decided to have his original design with no scars and his ears are floppy :3

Name: Kuika 

Breed: Black Norwegian Elkhound/ Polish Tatra Sheepdog

Sex: Male

Age: 3 years

Nationality: Polish

Personality:caring, dare devil, adventurous, hyper, naive, brave

Bio: He is a carefree dog who loves to travel all over Europe. This is where his true passion is. He also loves to do challenging things like race, climb, and swim. To anyone that meets him will get a good vibe out of him for he brings out the happiness in everyone. He once raced a fellow canine that almost cost him his life so he challenge those he can know for sure won't kill him if they lose. His favorite place to be is in Ukraine due to the snow and climate since his parents are known breed of dogs that well adapted in the snow. When not racing or doing anything dangerous he is seen playing with the school children when they are on break and the adults don't shoo him away because of that. During a trip to France he liked a fellow canine by the name of Marie and is often seen with her.

i made him be with Marie~ :Marie XD

Old ref: Kulka

Kulka (C) yugiohfreakXD 
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February 4, 2015
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