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Into the Unknown {SO-O event} by yugiohfreakXD Into the Unknown {SO-O event} by yugiohfreakXD
this for the event of the group :iconshadowof-oblivion:


He was given a mission....a mission to see into the forest to find out what the source of the noises are coming from. He had brought his bow and arrow along with some poison tipped daggers, in case its something like a troll or something far worse was in these dark woods. As Fenrik venture more and more deep into the the dark abyss he can hear voices....strange type of language he never heard of, it creeped the heck out him, but he needs to put an end to these rumors and such. So as he kept walking he can see something bright in the distance. *what is that?* he thought.

He gets to see what it was, a large fire in the center of a clearing with hooded men around it. Near the hooded men there was a body, a decomposing body who was missing a few limbs. Fenrik almost lost the meal he had before. How can people do this?! As his mind was going in circles one word kept popping up, Necromancer. Once he was able to think straight he suddenly lunges at them. "STOP WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" The necromancers look up for a split second and decided to flee. Fenrik got an arrow and shot a few at one of them, landing a few on its back, but it kept running away further in the darkness. Fenrik throws dirt on the fire to put it out and looked into the direction these necromancers went. For now he stopped their craft on the dead but who knows when they come back.


crappy drawing i know ;w; been busy with school and a club im in since the semester is almost over and finals are coming up ;w;

im terribly sorry for crappy artwork ;w;
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November 30, 2017
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