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Hazel by yugiohfreakXD Hazel by yugiohfreakXD
she needed an update XD and draw her more~

Name: Hazel

Breed: Saluki/Dalmation mix

Gender: Female

Age: 4 yrs old

Nationality: British

Personality: hot-headed, selfish, fearless, hard worker, vulgar, greedy

Bio: She was born in London, England and was the oldest pup. She among one of her brothers in the littler were vulgar and often picked on the younger ones for being weak. At 2 months she was adopted by a hunter who was a brute. He taught her how the world was cruel and must be strong to survive. He took her to a forest to start hunting game like foxes, birds, raccoons etc. When she gets back home she starts treating the other hunting dogs the hunter has harshly, saying that they should work harder and are worthless. These other dogs decided to teach the bitch a lesson so while the hunter went to town for business they gang up on her. She manages to beat the dogs but was injured several fracture bones. When the hunter came back he treated her wounds and though that she was a great hunting dog. When hunting she likes to show the other dogs who is boss and often does back up her words. When it comes to materials she will be greedy and would attack anyone who takes away her stuff and will not give a warning. After she turn 3 the same groups of dogs attacked her once more, giving her 6 deep scars. while she was unconscious the dogs took her body and dumped it near the river. As she awoke she came across a group of stray dogs who welcomed her. She rose from the ranks quickly and became second-in-command within the pack. 

Her original bio was short...too short XD so i spice things up~

she and Xia Leng are meanies XD

her old ref: Zara

Hazel (C) yugiohfreakXD 
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January 4, 2015
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