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Fubuki Takatsuki by yugiohfreakXD Fubuki Takatsuki by yugiohfreakXD
This is for the Group :iconshakkikurei: 

EDIT: changed skin color and how the katana looks like x3

▌I D E N T I F I C A T I O N

[ C u r r e n t · S t a t u s ]

He is recovering from his injury after the events

[ B a s i c · I n f o r m a t i o n  ]

  • Name: Fubuki Takatsuki
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Espial Bishop
  • Magic and Regulation Tiers: Magic Tier V and Regulation Tier 0
  • Orientation: Pan-sexual
  • Height: 5:8
  • Birthday: June 11

[ O t h e r  ]

[ Nicknames ]
His nicknames are "Fubu" (By everyone) , " Fubu-chan" (By Nyx)  “Fubi, snowblosson, frostflower” (By Samuel)

  his voice:
His voice is Kaneki (the white hair one) just without the echo that the mask gives ^^;

[ M a g i c ]

  1. Katana- a family heirloom that has been passed down in Fubuki's fathers family. He always uses in and it is often seen on him at all times He has 2, a non magic and a magic one and uses them depending on the situation. 
  2. Bow and Arrowhe also commonly uses this magic as well creating it from thin air, but has only used it in training so far.
  3. "Claws"- an effective magic he rarely uses due to how much magic it takes to make. These can be change size ( biggest is like half his body which takes too much magic to the size of a finger) When he does uses it it is either use as a shield to protect himself, or launches them at an opponent/enemy (the size can’t be too big to do this) or be a bit bigger than a finger and only uses that in close combat (though he has yet to use it in battle as there is no war as of yet)

▌P E R S O N A L I T Y (WIP)

  • Positive Trait: [Friendly/Loving]
  1. Friendly: He is naturally friendly towards those he is around with or anyone in general. Even to those of the Taiyo Kingdom 
  2. Loving: No doubt he loves those he deems close
  • Neutral Trait:  [Softhearted/ Selfless]
  1. Softhearted: he never has ill will towards anyone and is usually always there to give a helping hand
  2. Selfless: He will do whatever it takes for the other person to be happy, even if it means being tortured or killed. He cares for other lives than his own.

  • Negative Traits: [Timid/Naive]

  1. Timid: As a toddler he was shy towards everyone as they all seemed scary to some degree (especially the Third Queen of Kurei he was terrified of her). This timid was stuck with him and is like this when he meets someone new.
  2. Naive:  he is still a teenager who is not too keen in on the hatred between the 2 kingdoms despite how everyone in kurei loathes Taiyo. The fact that he is supposed to be in the castle at all times makes him not be well known outside of it.

▌B I O G R A P H Y

[ I n f a n c y · A n d · C h i l d h o o d ]

Fubuki was born from a Rook father and an Espial Bishop mother. His father died before he was born by an illness that he got from an infectious wound he received on the job and never treated it since he thought it wasn’t not big of a deal. This caused him to be sick during the majority of his wife’s pregnancy and it was already too late for him to be saved, but before he passed away the father left his katana (the non magic one) weapon that his family passed down through generations to his unborn child. He told his wife to give it to him when the time is right. A month after he passed away Fubuki’s mother began to go into labor too soon before his due date and was rushed to the infirmary, during all this she was having complications and was suspected that she would die along with the child, but miraculously both him and her pulled through. His mother was a very loving woman who adored children and would show kindness to any child she sees, as she views children to be a blessing rather than a curse (she didn't like how the Third Queen treated Yuan but she was helpless). Though it is said that she will be the total opposite if her child is in danger. Sadly enough this relationship wouldn't last very long as she died when he was 6. The complications for his birth caught up to her as her immune system was left incredibly weak. Before she passed she gave him the katana his father left him, but told him he was going to receive it once he is older and able to wield weapons.  

He was born with white hair, which it was an oddity as no one with kureian blood has this feature and no one in his family ever had white hair before. This odd hair of his got rumors spread that he had Taiyoan blood in him, even though there wasn't any mixing in his bloodline. The children took this by heart and began to bully him whenever they can, calling him names and a occasion pulling of his hair. Because of the bullying he became timid towards other, as well as not having friends as no one wanted to befriend the “halfbreed” Although he was being bullied it didn't disrupted him in anyway as he focus his main goal, which was to be like his mom an Espial Bishop so that he can walk in her shoes. He had been showing signs of magic around 8 yrs old, which was too early for any royaling, thus he was immediately put in magic training as well as physical training. After some discussion with the bishops he able to finally use the katana when he turn 10 and began to train vigorously with it. One day when he was around 11 he was being beaten severely after Fubuki commented to the bullies to stop being cowards and pushed one down in retaliation as he has enough. The bullies got so agitated that they jumped on him, all the while Prince Primo was around the area where he was being assaulted. The prince saved him by scaring off the bullies and took him to the infirmary to treat his wounds. After he thanked him he felt like he found someone he can trust and liked how he didn’t care what others though and do whatever he can do. He would follow Oz around and sometimes even act like a shadow wherever he goes, even cling to him sometimes, which Oz didn’t mind. One day he notices another boy with Oz, Someone with similar hair color like him! He would often see them from afar and after some quality time with the other boy he began to like him too. Since then he would often hang around the 2 older boys and viewed them as older brothers as this 2 are the only ones that would consider him to be a friend. The 3 are often together, having the 2 boys pull pranks that Oz would always do on unexpected maids and such. Then during one training day he notices queen Yuan from a distance at a training session and he was instantly awed at how strong yuan looked. He tried to talk to him on several occasions but was ignored completely by him. He assumed he got ignored was because he was weak. This motivated him to continue is training with more passion so that when he is stronger he can have a chance to chat with him.

Because he was not spending time with others (besides with Oz and Nyx) he decided to dedicated the time and energy he had on training. He would train right after his lessons from the teachers and would practice using his sword until he was exhausted. His training became more harder and intense as he focused all his attention on the techniques his teachers taught him. Since he was so focused on the training if he ever was in combat with a living being, he would disassociate the enemy as just another dummy. 

[ A d o l e s c e n c e ]

As he got older, around 13, he halted physical training and got into more espial training. He would hang with Oz and Nyz less than before as he focused more on his studies. He wasn't the only student who was aiming for the position but he was determined to get it before anyone else and he would study and practice every night and day just to ahead of the others. His studies were far more ahead of the others and have excellent marks on all subjects He then was given the magic tier and regulation tier exams, which in return he was given regulation tier 0 and magic tier v.  At age 14 after a practice he ran across Levian and Samuel as they tried to sneak in Kurei. He tries to fend them off but was still too young to fully fight them head on. He tried his best to stand on his ground till Levian’s half brother Lao comes and helps him fend off the 2. In an intense battle both taiyoans left and Fubuki was left with some arrow scars and a slash. He was from that point honing his magic vigorously everyday with his teachers so be can be stronger so that that event will not repeat again. He kept training his magic and espiral skills till he was able to do another exam and finally received the position he so worked hard on to achieve.

[ P r e s e n t ]

Now what he does is train in the morning and do his duties as the Espial Bishop whenever he is needed and sometimes is around the King and Queen when special events occurs. One day while he was led outside by some miracle, he search around The town near the castle after he felt an odd presence. After some time he noticed an odd man, turned out it was Samuel Warren Ryde, a taiyoan rook, the same took he fought off years ago, but had little memory of him. The rook was on a mission but was stopped briefly by the espial. He was intrigue by him, almost enchanted on how the rook looked like. He chatted with him for a bit before Samuelhad to leave. They both promise to see each other if they have a chance. Since then would sneak out and meets up Samuel on occasion on areas he is very familiar with. When the Queen had a panic attack Fubuki tries to calm him, but he accidentally touched the queen’s shoulders, forgetting the fact that the queen does not liked being touched and in panic yuan impailed fubuki. Oz took him to the infirmary and stayed there for a week, not wanting to stay there too much as he wanted to go out and see the rook. He manage to sneaks out of the castle to meet up Samuel and find security and comfort for the man as everyone was shunned to their own world after the events. One month later he meets Samuel and headed to the beach for a nice swim,but things took an interesting turn and soon...proclaim his love for the rook. He didn't know he loved the rook till then but after all the time spend together he fell for him. Within a few days after they secretly went to a inn and made love for the first time, experiencing a blissful 3 day paradise. Barely 2 weeks has passed he was experiencing weird symptoms and after hearing some woman talk about how those symptoms lead to a pregnancy. All those symptoms left him to believe that he was indeed pregnant. Right away he went on to search for Sam to tell him the news, luckily finding him in kurei for a job. After having a blissful moment of them bonding over the fact they will have a child, things took a dark turn as Gabriel saw them and assume fubuki was being hurt from all the crying. Gabriel and Samuel went into a heated battle. Their fight was bloody and intense, poor fubuki tried to stop the fight but was unable too and saw a new and fearful side of Gabriel, a side which now makes him be fearful and terrified at the Riki, just like his fear to the queen. The fight ended in both males bleeding badly and after a word of encouragement from Sam that he will be ok he took Gabriel back to the castle for further treatment. He soon left to go treat Samuel’s wounds soon after, enough to stop the bleeding. He was then forced to go back since things will get suspicious if he is not found within the castle walls. He resides in the room with depressing thoughts, and extreme guilt that more people he cared got again hurt by him, first by his brother Nyx with the whole taiyoan pawn incident, and now this.

▌M I S C E L L A N E O U S

[ A t t i r e]

-Formal attire (above image)

-casual attire :…

-military attire:…

[ L i k e s · D i s l i k e ]

[L i k e s ]

-Drinking (heavy drinker :3)

[D i s l i k e s]

-a certain pawn :3

[ T r i v i a ]

-he was supposed to be based on a dog oc i have but made some drastic changes and was now not even based on him 
-his voice claim is kaneki ken (Japanese dub)
-his attire is based on the hetalia chessverse Japan :3
-First human oc and is in the Mpreg thing OwO oh well xD

[ R e l a t i o n s ]

  1. Hiroko Takatsuki- his mother who is loved him dearly but sadly died when he was 6.
  2. Primo Oz- King of kurei. He saw him as an older brother and followed him whenever Primo did pranks on others. One of the few people he considers a true friend.
  3. Yuan- Queen of Kurei. He admired him ever since he was young as Yuan was strong and brave in his eyes. He tried to talk to him but was always ignored. Now both parties could barely talk to each other without formalities and with the events that occurred he grew fearful of him now.
  4. Samuel: A Taiyoan he encountered in the streets and quickly became friends right off the bat. After the event of his queen yelling at him for not doing his job he went after Sam into a beach where they kissed and proclaimed their love for one another and someone he can console any problems he has.
  5. Nyx: an astronomer bishop who also considers as an older brother and met when they were younger, he was introduce to fubuki by Oz

▌A V A I L A B I L I T Y

Status: available and will inform beforehand if i have something to do to halt an rp :3

[ M e t h o d ]

I go both script or lit so i have no preference. Also i go by discord or notes, comments are a bit iffy atm

[ R e s t r i c t i o n s ]

- no killing off children/babies. I work with kids so i am not comfortable with it

-and no killing fubu ;w;

-no torture rps please, battles are fine as they are inevitable but no torture period!

may change a few things as it progresses but for now this is fine~ XD
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