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Fubuki {SO-O App} by yugiohfreakXD Fubuki {SO-O App} by yugiohfreakXD
for the group :iconshadowof-oblivion: ^^

EDIT: REDREW HIM! Used a base from here: noodles919-adopts.deviantart.c…

old app here:

Name: Fubuki
Alias: Fubu
Race: Snow Elf 
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Homosexual
Age: Unknown
Class: Monk

Birthdate: Nov 18
Birthplace: Unknown
Alignment: None
Affiliation: His tribe
Occupation: Martial Artist

Figure: Lean-muscular 
Height: 5'7
Weight: 120
Skin tone: Pale
Hair: white
Eyes: lavander

Distinguishing Features: none
Personality: Shy/ Selfless/ Cautious/ Easy-going/ Softhearted/ Kind
Dress: No armor, simple light clothing
Special items: 
  • A size changing spear his teacher gave him
Weapons: Several daggers of different sizes, spear
  • Stealth
  • acrobat
  • hunting
Magic/Special Abilities: 
  • Alchemy
  • Stealthy
  • Endurance
  • Strength 
  • Acrobatic
  • Selfless
  • Curious
  • Childhood:  His parents were the small number of surviving snow elves that escape the mass genocide or the enslavement of the Dwemers. The small band of snow elves move place to place at nighttime so they won't be seen...alas that was not going to last forever. A band of Bandits and assassins found the small group and each one tried to flee. His mother went on and hid the sleeping infant near a bush and flee herself so their pursuers only chased her. Hours later Fubuki cried out from hunger for a good few hrs till a female Lilmothiit came around and found the infant. Feeling sad for the poor child she took him back to the village. At first the tribe were against it, knowing full well what the child is, but after some dispute and agreement, Fubuki was allowed to stay and the one that was going to raised him was the same Limothilt that found him. Her mate and other children welcome him openheartedly and her mate saw him as a son. During the next few years he and his new family lived a fairly good life as the tribe accepted him more and more. 

  • Adolescence: When he just turn to a teenager his Adopted father took him to a monk for better training. Fubuki got trained at a young age by those in the tribe and was taught many things to be able to survive on his own..but his father wanted him to train more, since he knows Fubuki's lineage can get him in extreme danger and..frankly he didn't want his son to be killed just like the others were. The monk was not easy on fubuki, challenging him more and more to his limits, training him both physically and mentally. The monk gave fubuki a spear that can change sizes as a gift so that he can have a weapon. 

  • Adulthood:  Once his training was done the monk told him he can return to his family and protect those that means to him. Not only that but the monk told him of what he really was, a snow elf, and what had happen to his race. The monk also told him to find himself by traveling and see whats in store, but be weary for himself as his race is still persecuted and no doubt he will be of high value. Fubuki return home and stayed for a few more years before heading out on his journey. Fubuki hugged his family one last time and told them that he will return once his journey is completed. With that he heads off to the unknown.
  • Parents: adopted Limothilt parents
  • Siblings: 2 limothilt siblings
  • Children:
  • Relatives:
  • Partner:
  • Familiar:
  • Mentors: 
  • Friends:
  • Allies:
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies:


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    Romallax Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
    oo he's pretty
    yugiohfreakXD Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
    thank youuuu QAQ
    Kathieexo Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
    The colours and design are aMAZING!
    I love it so much
    yugiohfreakXD Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
    omg thank youuuu ;A;
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