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FRANZISKA by yugiohfreakXD FRANZISKA by yugiohfreakXD
she is no new oc. In fact this is an upgrade of my old one~

unlike the other one i got the fur pattern correct from the adoptable i bought~ also info is different~

Name: Franziska

Gender: female

Breed: Doberman Pinscher

Age: 5 years

Nationality: German

Personality: tough, strict, commanding, vulgar, manipulative, hot-headed

Bio: She was born in Berlin, Germany in a Military family. The family always breed purebred Dobermans and had high expectations of them to join the military. When She was born she was selected to attend a special K9 training course when she turn 2 months old. She did well on training but did not follow much rules. when she graduated she was transferred in a military base nearby and thats where the trouble began. She did not wanted to be a dog of the military and did anything possible to be able to get out of the system. She even went far as killing one dog by slicing his throat. This however did not discourage the base. She was sent to battle and fight a group of terrorists with a pack of 50 dogs. When she came back she was given an award for her bravery. Franziska was able to tell a few of her packmates to stand watch while she had to go do her business. From there she disappeared. A small squad of men search for her but to no avail. She was finally free, with a few other dogs. She roams the area with several dogs under her command and protect those who she deems they are i need.

meh bio. may fix it if i can XD

old ref: Heika
original ref: Doberman Adoptable
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