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Cabin in the Woods {SO-O Event} by yugiohfreakXD Cabin in the Woods {SO-O Event} by yugiohfreakXD
(crappy art im sorry ;w;)

Fubuki had been walking in the forest for a few hours now, searching something that the Jarl had told him. As of late pets have gone missing during the night and no one has an idea to whats going on. *Loosing something so precious as a companion must have been hard* he thought as he walked. As soon as he was getting closer to a clearing, he heard barking. Barking as from a dog. How strange?. Fubuki walked faster to the direction of the noise and didn't stop till he sees a small cabin. The noises where coming from there. This has to be the place where the pets are being kept, but no one was guarding the place. Can he be wrong?? If pets are being stolen surely people will be guarding it right? No matter he will investigate this on his own. Fubuki walked ever so slow to the cabin to see if this is the place. Sadly the windows are border up and can't see whats inside, but there is definitely some dogs in there, plus other animals as he can hear other noises. Fubuki flinched as he heard footsteps coming towards the cabin. He rushes back into the trees and climbs on one to look over the cabin. Indeed after a few mins pass a large man came back with some food supplies and went inside. Fubuki would be able to save the animals, but soon other men came by and went inside the cabin as well. He growled but decided to alert the Jarl of his findings and let him handle the situation. With that he jumped down and ran the opposite direction of the cabin and go to where the Jarl is immediately.


sorry for crappy art ;w;

drawing this is a lot easier than humans so yea ;w;

for the group :iconshadowof-oblivion:
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December 25, 2017
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