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Bozlev by yugiohfreakXD Bozlev by yugiohfreakXD
EDIT: Change his bio a bit and age a bit :3

a new oc that i adopted from :icondalminah: a while back but had some points trouble XD

lets start~

Name: Bozlev

Breed: Borzoi

Age: 4 years

Nationality: Russian

Personality: calm, serious, cool-headed, quck thinker, brave, silent

Bio: Born in Moscow, Russia, he was in a family who always serve the military. So at 2 months old he was sign up for the k9 training camp in the military base. He graduated with flying colors at the age of 10 months. He was adopted by a fellow solder who loves to travel whenever he gets the chance and takes Bozlev with him. While in the service he saved a human girl from a burning house. he was able to save her but got his back burn badly. He has gotten into lots of fights when he was a 1 year old with other dogs in the military base, which resulted in his missing ear, tail & eye. He was not born mute but he does not speak or bark unless he feels necessary to talk to. He thinks quick & gets everyone or himself out of a tough situation. Even though he is young he is wise & smart. He now doesn't fight as much as he used to but he is still the #1 guy to not mess with even if it is to prove yourself. He now lives with a Shiba inu named Mametaro and both are in good terms. Often play with each other when they have the chance.

Bozlev (c) yugiohfreakXD 
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July 9, 2014
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