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Akiko by yugiohfreakXD Akiko by yugiohfreakXD
just colored her correctly and took away unnecessary stripes :3

 Name: Akiko

Breed: Koga/ kai mix

Age: 10 months

Nationality: Japanesee

Personality: easy-going, nice, gentle, kind, brave, aloof

Bio: She is related to Nashi,Kazuki, Shirogane, Yukiteru, and Kaito. Being the youngest of the group of ninja dogs puts a lot of pressure on her. She is more closer to Kazuki in terms of skills. But she does have an incredible hearing ability that surpasses anyone of the group, even kurona. During missions she is usually with Kazuki up in the tallest trees and gives secret sounds that only the team bellow can hear. The sounds differ from don't attack and charge, among other things. Akiko and Kazuki are the only dogs who least fight but make up with the abilities they both contain. Thanks to Akiko's hearing, the team is always one step ahead of the enemy. When not in missions Akiko is seen playing with Kurona. Kurona is amused at the young pup and often plays/trains the pup. It is rare to see both of then not together when they are relaxing. 

old ref: Akiko
Akiko (C) yugiohfreakXD 

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