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Music Meister Friday


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''Looks like Yoshi found a dino-buddy!''

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Pray For The Wicked


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Avengers x Forgotten Reader Part 4.

~(Y/N)'s POV~ I shouldn't have yelled at them like that. They did rescue me, but I don't want to be just another tool they wanted to get stuff done. I should apologize later. Oh well. I went to my "office" which was just an old room no body wanted so was gracefully bestowed onto me as work piled up. Paper work turned into mountains since I was last here. I'll work on the light stuff first and then go and work on the more physical jobs tomorrow after a little rest. I pull out my trusty pen and start to writing. They were easy to sort out into groups: Mission reports, sanitary checkups, bills (yes even the tower had bills to pay), maintenance

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The Night is Calling

EverAfter AU

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Claira Nightingale-Maison De Le Magie App


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HAP: Too Perfect?

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King Of Gotham

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Adult Joey wheeler

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Vacation's Where I Wanna Be

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Welcome to the Club

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Dapper Mally

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''Journey Beyond'' Main Cast


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OC Facts: Double Tag!

Was tagged by yugiohcloudfangirl (https://www.deviantart.com/yugiohcloudfangirl) and mygen123 (https://www.deviantart.com/mygen123) for Crimson and Zack respectively.~ Rules: 1. Post these rules 2. Post 8 facts about your character 3. Tag 8 other people to do this too and the characters they should write about 4. Post their icons with the character names next to them Crimson 1. Crimson never really knew his biological parents as they were killed not long after he was born. He was placed in an orphanage when a black gorgon called Nero showed up frequently claiming to be his older brother. 2. Nero kept sneaking Crimson out of the orphanage taking him to various places and having quite a bad influence on him. I

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TRICK or Treat, Claire

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Mighty Ducks TAS HD Wallpaper v1

mighty ducks and Darkwing Duck

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Jackie Wolfbat

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Grimwood Girls

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Harry Potter - Gryffindor Seeker II~

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It Stacks

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Music Meister Friday

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Inktober 2019 - Day 4

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~My Little Baby~

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Goodbye to my Santa Monica Dream

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TFC - Buck

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Silent by the Grave

Silent, a hundred people are. Solemnly over a hundred graves they stand. Not a single word is uttered, heads bowed, respects already paid. Slowly, a hundred coffins descend. Rain compensating for unshed tears. Thunder replaces unheard cries, roaring in denial and rage. Deafening, a hundred souls are. Six feet deep, their bodies laid to rest. Silent crying they will remain. Forever grieving they will stay.

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Met Gala

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HW app- Seilu


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Buck Mood Board

Sanctum Valley

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Tiny Blessings and Small Curses

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