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Hey folks, Bam here. Just letting you all know that the lack of PlushieDoom updates is due to my tablet going through some technical difficulties. Updates shall resume once my replacement tablet pen arrives. Until then, you can watch me river dance. Oh, you can't see me? Well it's your loss. I'm quite good.

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Presenting a work that has been revised and reimagined for around the last two years. The brainchild of a large group of people in the middle of a sparsely populated Denny's restaurant somewhere in San Diego. But mostly LittleKuriboh.

This is not a parody. This is a webcomic that tells an original story about original characters. No, they do not play videogames. And no, they are not based directly on myself or anyone I know. Though the fact that Scott Spencer bears even a passing resemblance to me is not entirely coincidental - maybe just a sadistic gag at my expense on the part of Bam, the artist and my good friend.

I have dabbled in the webcomic world before, and my efforts were all rather weak. Mostly just attempts to be part of a wave of popular strips that had long preceded my offerings. Suffice to say, those are best left undiscussed. This is an entirely new undertaking, and it is a story I feel is worth telling. It will continue and grow along with its characters. Whether it finds an audience is yet to be determined - if you read it, judge it for what it is. It is not meant in any way to be placed alongside "Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged", so please do not compare the two.

We're going to try to update this comic three times a week - time permitting. Bam and I are proud to be bringing this to you, and we hope you like it reading it half as much as we like making it.

And so begins Plushie Doom.

And don't worry; we'll still be posting plenty of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged artwork here.  


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PlushieDoom update by yugioh-abridged, journal

PlushieDoom by yugioh-abridged, journal