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Hey folks, Bam here. Just letting you all know that the lack of PlushieDoom updates is due to my tablet going through some technical difficulties. Updates shall resume once my replacement tablet pen arrives. Until then, you can watch me river dance. Oh, you can't see me? Well it's your loss. I'm quite good.

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RustyMetalViolet's avatar
Do you still use Deviant? I'm wondering because comments left on your profile date back from a year ago and I'm interested in your work...
RagingModernGhost's avatar
Why not making a flash of you river dancing, then putting it on your webcam pic?
JSteinman's avatar
darkfireness's avatar
daning. god Dan Green is taking over my comments one by one
darkfireness's avatar
You look damn good river daning I bet
Sammy483's avatar
I too think you are a super special awesome dancer :D

I'm just wondering, what happened to your deviant art account? D:
JohnnyFive81's avatar
Hope it returns soon.
Risingstar9109's avatar
Thats ok hehe , i dont have a tablet :P and i also hope your new pen comes in soon:D
blueraydragongirl's avatar
I bet you told yourself, "I wonder if tablet pens float". Then you flailed like a mad thing as it sank to the bottom of the bowl, with a few bubbles coming out of it from water filling it inside out. In the end we all found out, tablet pens do not make good boats.
astrotoadp5's avatar
or maybe that was just you. xD
blueraydragongirl's avatar
I haven't tried it yet xD
katyanoctis's avatar
Awww that sucks :( What kind of tablet do you have?

No worries on taking your time, though. Stuff happens. Hope you get your replacement soon.
Frobman's avatar
No river dances? I'd imagine it, if only I knew what it is exactly.
WeirdoQueen's avatar
I can see you river dancing just fine. Not quite sure why, though.
Retrogamersblog's avatar
Awesome Can't wait XD
DEAS-GAME's avatar
What's a river dance?:dummy:
Nekorin-Gatacat's avatar
I also request video river dancing. Youtube is a helluva thing.
Mackinz's avatar
I wanna see a river dance! :[

Set up a webcam? :D
BakuB's avatar
Good luck, I hope you get the replacement soon, I really admire your art style.
Darkangelsv1's avatar
Aww crap.
Hope things turn out for the best.
Pikininja's avatar
Ffff those tablets.
It's just the pits when stuff breaks! D':>
Duder-Skanks's avatar
:icondangreenplz::iconsaysplz: I DEMAND RIVER DANCING!!!
tobuji's avatar
awww. oh well, dont rush yourself. i'd rather wait a week or two than have you force yourself to rush it and not have it be up to your standards
slifertheskydragon's avatar
if it's intuos4 and you're running windows 7 you may just have to update the drivers

that or hit it hard a bit to unstick it... >_>
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