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YGOTAS: Evil Canadian Furry

I don't wanna be a furry.
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Most of Joey monsters are Furries
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(Sorrynotsorry.... XD)
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Best title ever XD
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This needs to be a shirt... or a poster... Just so I can give it to my friend... :XD:
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This is Hilarious :3
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sorry YGOTAS was banned again... in canada!
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He looks great as a furry . . .
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If melvin wasnt so evil, i would consider hugging him lol X3
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weirdest threesome eva
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This picture is pro because it was made... IN AMERICA!
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When I looked at this I wanted to comment "In America!", then I scrolled down and saw that was the first comment, so instead I yelled it, then I realized my baby brother was still sleeping
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Melvin wants a hug! He wants all the hugs for himself! D:
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It kinda sounds like Evil Canadian Fury. Whoever put Joey in the dog suit better watch out for his BROOKLYN RAGE!!! :onfire:
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My reaction to this photo, my sceen was out of focus so I was like "OMG OMG FURRRRY MELVIN OMFG I HAVE TO SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*SPAZZ*" Then I was like oh...."Well he is still hot!!!!!"
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oh Melvin~ *swoons* Can I have a hug?
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Too bad Joey, you're a furry forever.
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Can't beat my, can't beat my, no they can't beat my,
Brooklyn Rage,
(I don't wanna be a furry)

In America!!!
In Canada!!!!

I was Melvin'd when he hugged me and gave me cancer :D
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is time for my fans IN AMERICA!!!

(FAN service)
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