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EXTRA: Add Character
Paypal: 15$

In case you want a couple (either loving or as friends, as shown in the examples) to add to the character will be charged $ 15 per paypal or 1500 points per DA, depending on how you want to pay the commission, in this case not It will be charged by full body or half body, for example:

If you ask me for a couple in between, the price to add to the character will be $ 15 for Paypal, or 1500 points for DA.

If you ask me for couple a full body partner, the price for adding the character will be the same, $ 15 for Paypal, or 1500 points for DA.

I hope I made myself clear :)

NOTE: this DOES NOT APPLY in Sketch, Chibi and Avatar.


Mi fuerte es dibujar estilo anime/manga, es el estilo que mejor se me da, lo que más dibujo es Yu-Gi-Oh en todas sus series sin excepción (Mi galería esta invadida de eso xD) y también dibujo mucho Hyperdimension Neptunia, estas 2 principalmente por que son mis franquicias favoritas, sin embargo pueden pedirme de otros animes y juegos (siempre y cuando no sea un estilo realista), también dibujo Oc´s y Fan Characters.
-Adultos Mayores (Sólo se dibujar niños, adolescentes y adultos jóvenes e.e)
-Fetiches de ningún tipo
-Contenido sexual, ya sea Ecchi o Hentai
-Vehículos y mechas
-Hombres musculosos (apenas puedo con los de DBZ)
-Cartoons (Nada en contrade ellos, me gustan las caricaturas, pero ese estilo no se me da bien Yuya Sakaki Icon 44  )
-Monstruos y bestias con diseños complejos.
Ahora vamos con los precios y los ejemplos:
Sketch a



:iconanimeazing: :iconyu-gi-ohzexal: :iconrio-kamishiro-fans: :iconkaitotenjofans:


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Pronto volvere a abrir comisiones, esta vez ya no las cerrare, al menos que sea totalmente necesario, solo me tomare unas pausas c:
Commissions closed!

Thanks for the support, I will try to advance as soon as I can with the orders, if you asked me for a commission and you have not yet paid, do not worry, I will keep taking you into account.

Soon I'll open them again when I finish with the ones I should :)
Guys, I do not have anything against the artists who do fetish art, but please, they are not editing fanarts of other people, and less to make commissions, it is a lack of respect because you are practically making money with something that is not drawn by you...

Above all, it seems very fucked that the edited art has more public than the original drawing :/
Sorry if I'm slow to make the commissions, I've been through several things and I've felt bad, but I started to move forward
I reopened commissions, if you are interested you can read the journal that I have highlighted in my profile, just make sure you read it completely, it is in Spanish and English :)



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You do Yugioh!! That’s one of my favorite anime series EVER!!!
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It's also from my favorite series :)
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