I'll stop doing free assets !

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By Yughues
Clickbait... but no so much.

Time to look at some stats... no judgment, just numbers (roughly).

When I see all the possible ways people can use to support my work -Paypal, Patreon, Gumroad, Cubebrush- when I look at all the downloads, be it on Deviantart, Gumroad, Cubebrush, ShareCg & OpenGameArt, it makes me think I should drop the full free asset making.

All of them (the last 6month): between +1k to 10k of downloads (would require days of data compilation to get a precise number, even for just 6 months), multiple messages (which is always a pleasure)

DA, ShareCG, OpenGameArt: lots of comments, $0 of donation/support

Cubebrush & Gumroad: some likes, no comments, $0 of donation/support

On Patreon: 52 patrons, $99 of donation/support this month (before 30% of fees/share for Patreon)

Paypal: eventually 1 donation per year

I remain naïve and idealistic but facts don't help me right now. ^^;


Well firstly first, thanks to my patrons for all their support.

Next, I seriously think I should drop the free assets making BUT not in order to make expensive ones, I think I'll just set them to $1+ instead of $0+.
It might sounds ridiculous but $1 represent more than some might think.
Lots of artists on Patreons say $1 pledges are as valuable as the bigger pledges and it's not embarassing or pointless.

It's not greediness, numbers just show me that I can't naïvely rely on people's generosity to keep working on free assets.

And about my paid assets on Unity's & UE4 assetstores, they don't represent a minimum wage in my country (before taxes ; taxes are nearly 23%).
I havent posted new paid assets for a long time. To be honest it's very annoying to make them. The versioning (of UE4) is a pain and the pressure of making good sells just gives me serious anxiety.
Plus doing the same actions (keyboard, mouse) over and over and over and over and over again drive you crazy.
That's why I focused on free asset and people's generosity (theoric).

It won't be retroactive ; it will only concern the new assets.

I guess I said everything.


PS: I have no idea how much people who follow me are still active and how much of them will read this. ^^;

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I can completely understand your choice!

I have made (compared to you recently) freebies as well - easy use stuff for DAZ but no one ever donated something on paypal. Points are quite useless as you cannot change them back. :(

Playing around with your surface freebie helped me to learn a bit more about iray surfaces! Thank you for that and for sharing free stuff! I have the impression I saw some of your surfaces in warframe (Not sure if that's true). If so that's cool.

..without a job I don't have much to give either. Usually I credit all people who's freebies I used. Sad that it didn't bring anyone willing to pay.

Anyway: hope the new route works out much better than the freebies!

I'm Brazilian, forgive bad English.
But then ... thank you for your generosity so far ... I've always found your work excellent and of a professional quality, and your generosity has helped, I believe, many indie game developers to take a few steps, and the OGA community too. . What's more, you made them available in CC0 ... your generosity was inspiring to me, I thought I'd do the same with some of my work, even though at the moment I do it just as a hobe (of course they do not have the quality and the professionalism of yours), but I made them thinking of your attitude ... but if you now think of doing only work on payment, you have the right and deserve support, I hope you succeed in your new route ... and again thank you for your inspiring generosity so far :)
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You're welcome, thank you! =)
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To tell the truth I was always more interested in your character art for Defiance. Your assets looked cool but I've never quite figured out how to use them in my 3D scenes. :)
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Haha, it was just screenshots from the game with heavy photoshopping. :D
But I stopped playing it.
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I had a feeling you had. MMO's are hard to stay interested in I know: I've been playing SWTOR (since early access) and Guild Wars 2 (for about 4 years) and it gets hard to keep the interest. Still, seeing the reworks of your characters was fun. :)

I watched the first season of the TV show, but then they hid second season behind the paywall and it didn't seem worth paying to see each episode ONCE. Do you know if they are even still running the game?
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Somehow... they made Defiance 2050 which is the 1st game but worst, with less content and not improved (as I read in the Steam version reviews).

The problem of the game was the lack of real content ; they just released over and over again the same old 3d models with just different stats.
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Ah. Yes I can see both as problems. I love the Star Wars universe, but the MMO left a lot to be desired. For the first two years Jedi Elite gear consisted of what looked like a tablecloth pressed into being a really ugly wedding gown with a bad-looking skirt. And you had to wear it no matter if you were a boy Jedi or a girl Jedi. Often the new gear wasn't even a new shell, it was the exact same shell with different internal components to set the stats. I got frustrated and bored and left. Finally they started to release new content and story, but now it's again a lot of the same thing over and over.

Star Wars Old Republic: bad costuming but decent story and usually fun and fair fights: Guild Wars 2: awesome costuming but terrible "solo story" battles that you need at least one friend along for. For me that last was very frustrating.
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I think that you can try to sell your assets at ShareCG, in payd market, or on Renderosity.
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August has been a slow month for me as well, I don't know why but the Summer months always seem to trickle down to an almost complete stop in terms of profits.  
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I can totally understand you decision.
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That's totally understandable! Also good to support the artist who makes amazing resources, your texture packs are so awesome I have yet to find ideas to make use of them.

I can follow up and support of paying to download content, it's pretty active on art for high res on Patreon. 
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I understand your point. I have give many resources for free here and people stole and post on others web pages.
Now, I do nothing for free. So, if you feel comfortable making this, go ahead... I will support your decision.

Good Luck ! 
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You're welcome !
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Ah, vous parlez français, je ne le savais pas x)
Je voulais juste vous dire que malgré le fait que je n'ai jamais utilisé vos assets dans mes oeuvres (j'ai déja une énorme collection de textures, et je préfère créer mes propres modèles moi-même ), je trouve qu'ils ont une très bonne qualité, surtout pour les développeurs de jeux vidéo.

Vous êtes totalement libre dans votre choix, et même encouragé, parce que tout le monde a besoin d'argent pour vivre! Moi personnellement je ne partage pas de contenu gratuit, mais quand j'aurais une source de revenu suffisante j'aimerais bien rendre un peu à la communauté.

Mais sinon, avez vous envisagé de regrouper les assets gratuits disponibles actuellement en gros packs et les vendre pour un prix symbolique? (disons 2$ pour toutes les textures, ou bien pour les modèles scannés des roches). Personnellement, même si je pouvais télécharger les textures individuellement, je ne trouverais pas de mal a en acheter un pack contenant le tout car c'est plus convenable, et en plus ça me ferait plaisir d'aider l'artiste qui les as créé.
Et en plus Gumroad va pouvoir suggerer ce produit aux autres clients (car il ne suggère que les produits payants, et non pas ceux qui sont gratuits)

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Je ne savais pas pour Gumroad.
Pour les rochers/cailloux j'ai fait des versions plus optimisées pour Unity et UnrealEngine (donc payant).
Plus généralement, les regroupement, j'en ai déjà fait notamment les textures les plus anciennes que j'ai adaptées au PBR.
Mais je vais songer à en (re)faire plus, merci. =)
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Sounds completely fair! I think when it comes to free stuff some people might have a pokemon thinking process of catch 'em all, with the idea that "I might use this one day". At $1 a download, you will see a difference of "I am going to use this today" mentality.
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you gotta do whats right for u!
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ha désolé, moi je télécharge sans payer mais je ne vend aucun de mes travaux c'est juste pour le plaisir, de partager que je le fais...
sinon fais du commerce et arrêtes de partager en croyant que les autres vont te faire des dons.
en tout cas te soucis pas de ce que penseront les autres, fais payer c'est tout qu'au moins ça te rapporte et que tu n'es pas la grosse tête de chagrin le soir !
un créa bien dans sa tête produits plus que quelqu'un qui ne touche rien et fais cela pour une postérité qu'il n'aura pas, heu ça c'est pour moi hein ;)
en tout cas bonne continuation !
que la chance te sourit, j’apprécie ton boulot, mais j'ai pas les moyens de te soutenir, donc a regret mais je comprend on doit tous pouvoir vivre et manger.
bonne chance !
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