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Yughues Free PBR Metal Plates

By Yughues
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Hey there, it's been a very long time since I posted something free.
Here it is.

36 Metal plates (1 diffuse+metalness for 36 normal maps) for free.
The diffuse is not copper, you choose the type of metal (copper, gold or whatever) in the color of the material in Unity5, UE4 or whatever engine you use.

It goes from basic shape plates, to slightly sci-fi, to victorian style.
It's basic but might be handy for people. =)

© 2015 - 2021 Yughues
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These are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.
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You're welcome =)
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your stuff, as always helpful!

to me more for a learning purpose though c:
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These look amazing . Specially on Unreal, I might give it a look since I'm learning how to use Unreal Engine at the moment.
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Not sure what to use this with. But when i figure it out ill show ya
Good looking stuff as usual. It looks like there is a little seam on the texture in the image. Are you using SD to make them?
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There is a seam. Else it wouldn't be plates.
Also I don't know what is SD. :?
Substance designer. I was having an issue with tiling textures causing a seam at the edges. For some reason I didn't think about plates needing seams.
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You're welcome =)
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Phantastic work! Thank you very much for sharing!
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You're welcome =)
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These look great :wow:
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Sweet, thanks for sharing! :)
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You're welcome =)
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You're welcome =)
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Thanks for this man,your materials/textures always look great!
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Hi i was wondering if you can make a marijuana pack for unity, also beautiful art on the metal!
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