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Tiny Weeds 3

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It's been a while I didn't post anything.
I was busy on a (unfortunately born-dead) project and then on 3D commissions.
Can't tell more about this commissions but it's been for a nice cool game which has been greenlighted on steam. =)
I will be able to talk about it when released. ;)
But it's been great, I've really loved to do it. Great pleasure!
I think this is what I love to do the most, more than web things.
Hope their will be more commissions for this game, and others commissions too. :D
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do you have a tutotial on how to get these on 3ds max 2013 with the transparency? 
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The diffuse maps have an alpha channel for the opacity.
There are tons of tutorial on Internet which should help you to get them working properly.
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i have a screen shot of the work. please guide me through this one sir. im a newbie in 3ds max.…
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You put the wrong texture in the "opacity" slot.
Just copy (as instance) the diffuse map (#4) in the opacity slot, then open the diffuse map & check "alpha" in "Mono Channel Output" and "Image Alpha" in "Alpha Source".
Then I will work properly.
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thanks you very much sir! now the model looks very good. I cant thank you enough. You saved me. Thank you. omg I am so happy :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:…
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You're welcome =)
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Nice Work!Can you give the texture of the wall?
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Thank you Very Much >_<, nice models,
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thanks a lot , awesome :)
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You're welcome, thanks =)
Theyre beautiful ;u; i will use them <333333
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Oh man,you are my hero!
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really cool plant..thanks for the sharing XD
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You're welcome, thank you =)
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your welcome.. XD
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Very nice! Good work!
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Great work. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on the gig.
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