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Tiny Weeds 2

360 Preview Youtube : [link]

Other packs : [link]

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Donation : [link]

Don't forget, it's supposed to be 2 feet tall max.
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nice job man, thanks
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Hello, I just found out about your stuff in OpenGameClipart and it's really nice, thank you for letting it be in Public Domain. :)

I plan to use some of your work in REDkit and I've written a tutorial using the first plant of this pack as a sample:

Also, I see that you are looking for a job as Environment Artist?
Je sais que c'est pas le genre de job courant en France but if you're interested CD Projekt RED (Poland) is currently hiring: [link]
You can always send them a CV and portfolio etc. if you'd like to move there :)
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Merci mais je ne suis pas prêt à aller aussi loin. ^^;
En ce moment j'ai tout sauf du courage.

Merci pour le +watch :thumbsup:;)
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Superbe !!!

Merci :D
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You're welcome, merci :thumbsup:;)
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masterpiece. Great job!
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Oh my gosh I feel like frolicking around in a field of those.
Very pretty <3
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great work mate!
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Mo more ADF.LY download?
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I stopped 'cause too much trouble & whinning for too few & (sort of)humiliating retribution.
I reuploaded all the previous packages since "Modular building asset".
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LoL, i've converted all my site to ADF.LY, after seeing you. At now i'm almost at 1$ XD, but is all gained because i love to make freebiees. :)
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