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By Yughues
A little fanart of the pretty sexy & funny Shego.

In the french version she has a nice voice but I really love her original voice.

I love her wild temper

Shego (c) Disney
Art (c) me

EDIT: Slight FXs update !
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she looks great! ^^
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Cool man dig the detail
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the whole reason i watched the series. =D
really good work. ;)
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is this a 3d model? it looks fantastic!
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It's not a 3D model but thank you :thumbsup:;)
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Haha, good ol' Shego! It's been a while since I've thought about that show... :D
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XD LOL... Man so much fan art of this character going around. This is very good btw. I like the depth your shading added.
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Thank you :thumbsup:;)
I really love this character, especially her voice, both in french & english but mostly the english one. =3
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Fantastic. her hair looks like The Supreme One
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Oh yeah, I didn't even notice it. :D
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the hairs really cool and i like your style for the character:)
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