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How To Use My Packs

Well, some people need a lil help with my packs (2d & 3d)

it's a HUGE tutorial that's why it's in an archive
tutorial divide in 4 jpgs

Hope it's clear enough =)

Other Packs : [link]
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I'm going to try some of this 3d stuff, I suck at it but i want to make cool backgrounds and stuff to use in my photoshop artwork, might be a dumb question but can you save a picture file after you render this stuff?
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You can use Marmoset Toolbag 1 (the 2 is non-free). You can do screenshots/renderings very easily, and with masks.
You choose the angle of the camera, the lighting, etc etc. Very easy to use, their software is really user-friendly. (v110)
Is there any way to import a 3D model completely without having to reassign all the Diffuse, normal and specular maps??

Im using blender and it only alows me to import the .obj
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It's because you don't use the material editor.
A quick research and you will find plenty of tutorial about creating a material in blender.
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You Are Perfect Brother
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Thanks dud....
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You're welcome :thumbsup:;)
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It's Grait but how to get tutorials
Plz reply...
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Download button.
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Thank you for this very resourceful tutorial.
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you're welcome :thumbsup:;)
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My friend, I'm trying to import this in the UDK, but I dont really now how, could you please help me out?
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To import to UDK u need to export the whole thing as a .fbx, this format will not only export the mesh but it will also make a small "package" which will include the textures and the UVs of the mesh!
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Hello bro, thanks for answering. This pack doesn't come with that format ( .fbx ). What do I do?
Once you use an .rar defragmeter to open the file, place your mesh into the directory you'll use in UDK. Should be as follows: UDK-2011-07 (whichever version)> "UDK Game"> "Content". Place the mesh in the empty space below the folders. Now when in UDK, go to Content Browser and "Open external Package" button on bottom of browser. Select appropriate file. When it's in the browser, right click and edit the mesh. Add any collision you want, then save the mesh back into the same place as directed. After this, find the mesh file in that corresponding location in the file chooser on the left side of the content browser. Right click and pick "fully load". Now save your map and packages and it should be done.
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Thanks bro!
you totally saved my life!
Best regards
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I can't really 'cause I don't use UDK but you can find many helpful tutorials on Youtube :thumbsup:;)
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Thanks bro, i'll check that out.
By the way, which software do you use?
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8Monkey Lab Marmoset toolbag
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I use Maya and I've done a bit of UV Mapping but downloaded this to see if it was similar to how you do it in Maya :) Thanks for your awesome stuff :D
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thank you :thumbsup:;)
you're welcome :thumbsup:;)
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