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Free textures pack 42

360 Preview Youtube : [link]

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love how the reflectivity lets see the texture clearly

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Great looking textures.
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Merci beaucoup encore une fois pour toute la panoplie de textures de haute qualité !

Décidément, tu est une vraie machine à textures / meshes !
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De rein, merci beaucoup :thumbsup:;)
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Really nice... grunge metals? good job
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I really think you should have a look to Filter Forge.
If you have a good mind for making 2d textures, you have a good mind for procedural texture making.
Check my dirty plaster filter: [link]
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This is a great work, and you are the best of all. I am working in a project, and I will use some of your textures and models, and I will credit you as much as I can even if you don't care, because you deserve respect and acknowledgement. Thank you .....
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You're welcome, thank you :thumbsup:;)
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Great work as usual! Your textures are shaping up to become one of the most complete texture libraries suitable for games and freely available on the internet. Keep up the good work, mate!
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Thank you very much :thumbsup:;)
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