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Free textures pack 35

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I finally get my job. Not a standard contract/billing but whatever, I earn something. My 1st payement totally disappeared in my "treatment"... 110€, each month, damn that hurts. ^^;
But at least I feel way much better.
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Thanks! I'll make sure to credit you if I use your textures in any of my renders.
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You're welcome :thumbsup:;)
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dieu que c'est magnifique.
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your stuffs plays really well in daz studio.
glad you got a job!

here's me messing up your stuff:


i'm really partial to the yellow and blue textures. very nice
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really nice as always!
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Fantastic work. Thank you for sharing.
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You're welcome, thank you :thumbsup:;)
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High quality work as always. I didn't know you were looking for work but I'm glad you found it. You working on a game? I'd love to hear some details.
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thank you :thumbsup:;)

I was jobless and no I don't work on a game.
I just found something as a webdesigner.
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Awesome, and congratulations for getting a job! I just hope it won't keep you from making more awesome stuff like this ;)
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