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Free palm treeZ v3

EDIT: changed slightly the specular/glow map & added a translucency map

Other packages: [link]

Youtube : [link]

Commissions : [link]

I've been very busy with OGDS' stuffs so I couldn't make any textures or else.
So I've made this package very quickly.

5 palm trees (1 model bended & duplicated) with only 1 texture.

This texture is WAY much better than the palm tree v2 I've made previously.


Breaking news:
I'm gonna open my own commissions system on DA ASAP.
I'll keep posting free ressources but if someone wants something specific & exclusive, he/she could make a request.
I'm still working for OGDS this month so I don't know if I'll open it this month.

I'll create a journal for this, of course.
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how do I download files?
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Download button, right side of the image.
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So beautiful, thank you. :D
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You're welcome, thanks =)
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Well Yughues, I did a caper with some of your palm trees and the proof is HERE, I hope you like it or at least do not get mad at me for that small caper. ;)

Je peux seulement dire Merci beaucoup, Merci beaucoup et Merci beaucoup.
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You're welcome, nice work. =)
Hi Nobiax, thx for sharing free 3d models again with the community.
Just two notes.
You forgot to normalize the normal map (what can cause artifacts like you know)
Perhaps you think about adding a second uv channel with non overlapping uv island within the 0-1 range, like needed when baking light/ao maps. However this won't work with .obj files.
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Wow, those are really great! These would be much more useful for what I'm working on than the other two versions I've seen from you. I think I might use one or two of them and credit you. :)

Would you mind a little request already? :)
I'm working on an Unreal Tournament 3 map since quite a while already, however, I'm no 3D modeller myself (yet), I know how to create models but didn't learn how to skin them yet and don't have that much time to learn it. I didn't see any fan palms with thicker tree trunks than those (however, not as thick as on the pictures on the links below) and twisted tree trunks (very twisted, more than those on this picture would be really great as the map has an alien vegetation - it's a holiday resort on a different planet), partially dry and uncared in your galleries yet. I would be really great if you were so nice and could create them for me. I would of course give credits to you (if you want with a graffiti on a wall in my map ;)) and post a link to my map on your profile so you can check it out yourself if you want. Those are the kind of palms I'm talking about: [link] [link]
I would be happy about any answer. I understand it's a lot of work to do such stuff and that this request is quite big, if it's a no then I'll have no problems with that. :)

Keep up the good work! :)
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Thank you. :thumbsup:;)
I don't take commissions yet, I'll start with only textures and it won't be for free.
What you're asking is quite big & I don't have much time as before anymore. =/
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Ok, no problem. :)
I think these palms will be enough for now.
Thanks for your efforts! :)
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Absolument superbe :D

Merci encore une fois :)
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C'est un plaisir ! :thumbsup::D
Thanx Nobiax
did you post these on [link]
or someone else is posting your work
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You're welcome! :thumbsup:;)
I do, it's me.
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:party: sweet goodness 2 start the art senses goin'
raksten's avatar cool stuff you make !
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This goes for Unity Asset Store too.
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