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Free Weapon Box Pack

EDIT : add a "mask" map for people who wants to customise the colored parts

The previous was a mess ^^;
Fixed the mesh, the normal map (32bits instead of 24bits which created artefacts) and added a second diffus map.

Youtube : [link]

Other Packs : [link]

Commissions : [link]

2nd pack: [link]
3rd pack: [link]
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This works fine both with UDK and Unity, I'm messing around until i get experienced. I'll show you anything i managed to do.
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I think this fits a game I am working on. I'll show you later :)
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amazing, I only wish there was an opened version of the model. I tried to do it my self but im not too experienced.
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Just a question: Why would you use 32 bit over 24? Less artifacts? Do you keep your normals sharp or do you blur then at all?
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Like I said in the description, I use 32 bits over 24 because in 24 bits artifacts appear (I don't know why).
I never blur my normals, au contraire I sharpen them just a bit.
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Man you should make it green or maybe some camo!! =D
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There is a green map. In this package you have a white and a green map =)
But the camo is a nice idea, I add to my list :thumbsup:;)
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Thank you :thumbsup:;)
This time is the good one :D
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I used this stock here: [link] It really came in handy to hide a reflection I couldn't make! :giggle: Thanks!
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You're welcome, nice work :thumbsup:;)
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Habatchii says;

Very well. These look very similar to traditional tradeshow backdrop casings. I'll alert you if we include them.

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They don't come much moe ubiquitous than these scene fillers that is and you've done a grand job setting this pack up for the miniscule resources required, very good work :)
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thank you very much :thumbsup:;)
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