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Free Tropical plant Pack

Youtube : [link]

Other Packs : [link]

Commissions : [link]

HowToUse Tutorial : [link]

Free to use or to modify - fav it if you use it & give a link if you post some art or else with this inside
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How do you set up the material for this?

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Diffuse = albedo

Normal = normal

Specular = specular/roughness (with quite some tweaks)

The asset is not PBR so it won't its look won't be correct ; it was done 10 years ago afterall.

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Great share man! Thank you VERY much!

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Wow.. thank you so much!!!
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You're welcome =)
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Cheers, this will help me so much:) (Smile) 
i love these..they are just perfect for my project
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Thank you so much for those nice tropical plants! They're going to fit perfectly in my next project!
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going to use this in a JanusVR room, thanks. 
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awe, i wish I could open the file
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Free, efficient and compatible with nearly all archive files.
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really good! thanks buddy.
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You're welcome, thanks =)
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I wish you would offer those as png pics too *sigh* they are gorgeous your plants!
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With Marmoset toolbag 1.0 (free, not as the 2.0) you can do pics from 3d objects.
It's easy to use.
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Exellent Work Man!
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Nice pack, used some plants here.
Thanks for sharing.
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