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Free Plastic Barrel pack

Youtube : [link]

Other Packs : [link]

Commissions : [link]

HowToUse Tutorial : [link]

Free to use or modify - fav & give link if you like or use it ;)

references :
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I´d love to buy 4 or 7 of these, but only the ones which have a removable top.
Hey!, nice model, Im using it to try out and learn to import models into Unity3D, This is the tutorial that referrs to your content:…

Any idea what alternative (free) I can use besides genetica to solve those issues with the normal maps? :P
Im working on this as a hobby for now and cant really afford licenses yet :(

Cheers and keep up the good work!
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Maybe try invert the red & green channel in Unity.
If it's not possible I should consider reworking it a bit. ^^;
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So awesome thanks alot! . . how do you unwrap and retain the UVs on your models?
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Thank you :thumbsup:;)
I usually use 3dsmax or Roadkill for the UVs.
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Nice optimized stuff.
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Nice too; really good job.
Could be useful to know the barrel's measures.
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You can scale objects in every engine/SDK so it doesn't really matter. =)
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Wow! This work looks so real!
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Always useful things like this and the low polycount yet superb mapping makes them excellent scene fillers. This is one seriously huge update :D Looks like a lot of hard works gone into preparing this and the other packs, a great thanks for the props :D
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& there are still 6 packages I have to work on :D
Thank you very much :thumbsup:;)
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Sorry if I wasn't enough detailed in my explanations. I'm a French guy so I do my best to make myself understand.

When I ask about the converter, it was to import the meshes the Unreal Editor that come with Unreal Tournament 3, which is a earlier engine with much less capabilities than UDK. UDK as been made for moders, game developers & such, not for mappers who still make maps for UT3 with the "old" editor & most of us are maping as a hobby not as a career or something alike.

But now, since you explain the process, I know what to do.

THX anyway, I appreciate your quick response.
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Ah ok.
Ben dans ce cas je n'en connais quand même pas ^^
J'ai jamais touché à UT3 ni UT4 d'ailleurs. J'ai touché à l'UDK seulement pour avoir un aperçu ingame de mes travaux.
Autant dire que j'y connais rien :D

Yep, j'suis français, fallais jeter un oeil au profil pour le savoir ;)
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Those meshes along many others are symply awesome :D

Therefore, can you suggest me a good converter to convert FBX & OBJ files in TGA files ? The goal is to import the meshes in a package to use withing the Unreal Editor.

I already started to make a pack that contain some of the 3D textures & I want to make a complete pack that include all your awesome work so I can use them in my maps. Full credits will be giving to you of course for making all those really nice assets ;)
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I think you don't get it.
You can't convert 3d meshes (.fbx or .obj) to an img (tga) ^^; They are 2 different things.
.fbx & .obj are for the 3d meshes and .tga for the maps.
.fbx & .tga are compatible with UDK.
You can use my packs in UDK. You just have to import them & to create the material with the UDK material tool.
I don't provide the .upk file, a bit too heavy & it give you the possibility to do what you want with the maps.
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Something thats always usefull.
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Thank you for making this excellent model available! I've created a tutorial that makes use of it at [link]
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you're welcome :thumbsup:;)
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Would be awesome to see with a real time displacement map on it, akin to Direct3d 11.
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