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Free Parviflora pack

Other Packs : [link]

Commissions : [link]

HowToUse Tutorial : [link]

Fav it if you use it - give me a link if you post a work with this inside :)
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There's more than one of your packs for sale there. You should follow their process for reporting it. If the source was CGTextures, their TOS prohibits use on SL. It's a pity as I'm an SL resident and would have loved buying your stuff for use there.

However, i may check whether OpenSim is allowed by CGTextures for my standalone. Taking a link for later use. Gorgeous stuff.
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Je ne pense pas à envoyer un lien vers ce que je fais avec les models... Mais voici ce que j'ai fait il y a un petit moment déjà (enfin, petit... Plutôt long moment même ^^" )

Ravis de trouver de si beau modèles gratuitement à la porté de tous :D merci.
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C'est pas une obligation, joli travail :thumbsup:;)
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wooow thank you for zip!
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you're welcome :thumbsup:;)
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This is from !
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yes, there are some free to use photos & references.
A very helpful site.

It's the fact that I didn't say from where my reference comes which bothers you, don't ya ?

I'll add it right know ;)
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REally cool. Thank you for sharing.
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only crit I can think of is the shadows- maybe soften them up a little
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Yeah I know, I used vray shadows that's why it's sharp. Next time iI'll try to soften them :thumbsup:;)
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wow thanks a lot
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What engine are you using? This looks awesome...
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thanks, I use 3dsmax with vray
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