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Hi , I have been looking for this and thanks to you I found this free hedge , But I am facing a problem . The leaves are appearing to have an extra white layer, The Mesh of leaves have extra default whitish box

Screenshot 2020-10-03 222641
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I don't get clearly understand your issue but keep in mind it's an old non-pbr asset so specular/gloss will be off.

Any chance of a tutorial on how to import and use your assets in UE4?

It keeps messing up the materials, and the UV maps :(

Bon boulot sinon :)

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You import them like any ressources/mesh/texture you usually import.

You create the materials, connect the textures & their channels to their respective slots & apply them to them meshes, and voilà.

There is nothing special to do.

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Hello there! I used a bush asset from this pack in this sketchfab scene:

Thanks for sharing!
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Bonjour! I was planning to do some new renders and use these bush assets again but it appears the download link is broken. I was wondering if you have them stored somewhere else?
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The download button (no link) works fine on my side. It's on the right side of the image, or below with the new design.

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Ah, so it does now. Yesterday it was giving me the "oops, I can't find it" error page. Thanks for taking the time to check!
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Thanks Nobiax. I just watched your video "Making a clean single mesh from a cluster of meshes" over at YouTube and thanks for that also. I didn't know you were over at Patreon, I'll head over that way tonight.
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thats wonderful thank you
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A question for you. I'm rather new to this.  I imported the .obj file into blender and then exported it as .x file as I needed.  What do I do to the normal and diffuse.tga in order to use it with the .x file?  It needs to be .dds but do I just convert then rename those? 
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I don't know how .x files works.
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Thanks.  This is what I was looking to use it for.  If you like it, please share it with others.  It's my first effort at building a game but I consider it in the artsy game category.   just click on the big green bold game demo link. 
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This is awesome!! How would I get this into Daz Studio 4.7 Pro and get it to look this good. I would love to play around with these.
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I have no clue, I don't know Daz.
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I know that you can import an obj file, but it will be without the textures. I need to find the info on how to add the textures correctly and then set the settings so that they will look he way they are intended.
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Great work! Thank you for making this free it is such high quality work! :D
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You're welcome, thanks =)
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This looks great, is it usable in C4D? I tried loading it, but it doesn't recognize the transparency.
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The diffuse contains the transparency/opacity in its alpha channel.
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