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[Free] HandPainted Plants 2



Some of them are "meh" (in my opinion, I'm mostly a "half empty glass" person).

17 textures + 1 psd atlas and 67 fbx+obj meshes, as usual. =)
Oh and the flower 4th form uses a square-ish mesh, like some crops/fields things in Minecraft.

If you want to support me without becoming a Patreon you can get this asset on Cubebrush and chose your price (price from $0 to whatever you want) :

Now I  can work on:
- adapting an Unity asset for UE4
- making more photogrammetry tests
- making more plants

I also found out that I can play with my camera focus (macro lens) to facilitate the selection/masking/extracting work. Quite helpful !

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These are really cool. I like the different plants and textures. Nice job :D!