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Free Grass Pack 3 Alt. Meshes

Alternative package of the previous pack : [link]

I noticed that the render under 3dsmax is faster with more polys 'cause of the opacity =/

Other Packs : [link]

Commissions : [link]

Free to use or to modify - fav it if you use it & give a link if you post some art or else with this inside

HowToUse Tutorial : [link]
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Thank you you're the best man aaaaalways
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You're welcome =)
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wow ! thanks a lot
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Thank you very much for this , i was looking for very nice grass with smaller transparent areas and i'm also not so good at grass making + hard to get some texture .
Thanks a lot ^^
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You're welcome :thumbsup:;)
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Thanks for the great work, I used it here (modified to green version) [link]
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In some hardware (iPhone, iPad etc) it's better to render more triangles that big transparent areas, which require more calculations.
So your approach is suitable for games.
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Glad to hear that :)
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Though this looks very convincing, I'm really wondering why you decided to use that many polygons on the grass.
You could have simply went with 1 plane. 2 tri's and you're done.
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I did, look at the 1st version of this package [link]

In 3dsmax, this package is a bit faster to render than the 1st one.

I hope in the future we will be able to use at the same time GPU & CPU to do the renders with 3dsmax (or other). GPU is way faster than the CPU =/
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Ah yes. I do see it now. My bad! I'm used to keeping all of my stuff low poly, so it kind of caught my eye.

There is a simple explanation though for the faster render time in, quite frankly, every renderer. It's that opacity maps require much more calculations than a simple polygonal mesh. So the more polygons you have to define a shape, the less opacity space you need and the shorter the render time is. :)
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Aha, that's what I though :D
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nnmmm don't most game engines use billboarded grass now a days?
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I don't know =/
but this version is especialy for the software's render.
As I said in 3dsmax the render is faster with this version, it doesn't use the GPU yet for the renders but it will soon xD
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