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Free Fuel Can Pack

I know that the model has too much tris/polys that's why I'll post soon a big pack with different models with different maps ;)

Youtube : [link]

Other Packs : [link]

Commissions : [link]
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Siempre agradecido !!

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Thanks, it was used here :  City of tomorrow by bataulai
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modifed the textures to something we could use in our game, posting them here since the source is yours, dont know if you want to add them to the pack but if others wants to use them they could. Hope this is ok Nobiax :)…………

and again a big THANX!!! :)
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Of course I'm okay with that. =)
Nicea work on these textures.
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well its your source in bottom :) , but thx to you I actually getting somewhere and are more and more making my own stuff too :)
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I used your wonderful stock here link

Thank you Again :D (Big Grin) 
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I used your stock here link 
Thanks :D (Big Grin) 
I have used a few of your models (palm tree, conrete barrier and fuel can) for demos of our game engine.

Love your models and textures. Thanks for sharing!
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Hello! I didn't use 3D objects, but I did use the preview image to help me create photomanip. Hope that's okay! Linked here [link]
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Nice barrel, I'll need a LOD :)
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Exellent for gaming!!!
I take this one too :D
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Not my best but thanks =)
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The dents are a nice touch!
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wow intersting love that :D
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Well, that will be very much appreciated ;)

FYI, for floors, even 512*512 can look good in UT because you can blend other textures to make a unique looking materials. Most UT3 stock textures & even many UDK floor textures use a 512x512 resolution. You just have to know the Material Editor a bit.

I'm looking for a dark, square like floor texture because the map I'm building will use a sci-fi, techy theme & yours fir perfectly :) I'll look forward your next great textures pack ;)
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