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Free Decals 02 : Sci-Fi

360 Preview Youtube : [link]

Other packs : [link]

Commissions : [link]

Donation : [link]

Not really inspired for this one =/.
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thanks werymach
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You're welcome :thumbsup:;)
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Ooooh~ Shiny~
Can't use Decals in Cube2, but I could always plop them onto duplicate textures :D
Great stuff Nobiax :) These decals are great!

Just one question:
How do I use these decals in f.e. UT3 editor? I tried adding the diffuse_red.tga but its a full 2048x2048 image with all decals on it.
I just want like 2 or 3 :)
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Thank you :thumbsup:;)

2 ways :
- cut it with 2d software (gimp or photoshop)
- or play with the UVs coordinates

Exemple with UDK:
- TextCoord [0.25,0.25] (mostly, depends of size f.e. the top 3rd right would be [0.125,0.25], the top 4th right [0.625,0.25] )
- 2 Vectors [0,0] ([0.25,0] for the top 2nd right, [0.5,0] for the top 3rd right etc...)
- Mix both of them together with an "Add" function and connect it to the "UVs" of the textures samples.

Make some tests =)
Thanks so much for the kind and good answer Nobiax.

Ill send you a screen when I have some set up in my map :]
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Nice! keep up the good work.
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Very cool. Thank you, these look great! :D
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Oh, decals.

Question. Is there a strong incentive for using 7z compression? I'm not quite sure if I can open this on OS-X (yea I can dust off my netbook but... x-platform compression formats are plenty, rar or zip for sake?)

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I use it cause 7zip is free & open source, & sometimes more efficient than zip/rar.
You can try to open it with zip or rar, or you can download it on its website.
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Ah indeed I found a kind of OS-X version; thanks.
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You're welcome :thumbsup:;)
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Wow again ! Merci :D
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Same here. As a wanna be indie game dev. I can't wait until I get my code to the point where I can play around with your wonderful textures :)
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UDK is a good start to play with xD
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Don't worry, I find it highly useful and will probably use it soon. :)
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Thank you very much :thumbsup:;)
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