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Free Chest: Blizzard style

By Yughues
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360 Preview Youtube : [link]

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My 1st try to this style.
If there is a better/real definition of this style please tell me =)
I wanted to fully hand-paint it but I finally mostly used effects. =/
I'll do better next time :D

EDIT:Mix the 2 previous textures into one. Changed roughly the style of the planks. Added a video preview.
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Nevermind, I just missed something in my WinRaR, whoops >_<
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When I downloaded the chest, the texture didn't come through in my folder. Model works fine, but the texture is missing
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Very Nice I Will Use That to Get Money In My Game.

OBS : I am Brasilian(Bad English)
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Here I used your Chest :love:
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what would really be neat would be a video series with narration how you do these sorts of thigns
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Aww, cool shit man. I love this quality.
Too real 3D is fascinating but creepy at the same time. This is really good!
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Very good! What 3D program did you use?
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Looks very nice! Minimum poly count and awesome textures, that suits WoW style.
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ahh somewhere to lock up my treasures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Very nice Warcraft-style ;-)
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Damn.. someone please teach me how the hell to texture like this! wow!
Nice work ;d
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Thank you :thumbsup:;)

I actually just looked at other people works, noted how it's done & copied/adapted it. xD
The best way to learn is still to "copy" what's done by others.
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I'll start trying that then XD starting with this! :)
Thanks for the reply mate :D
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