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Free 3D textures pack 26

Other Packs : [link]

Youtube : [link]

Commissions : [link]

leather chair/sofa
rippled sand
stone wall/ground

Absolutly free to use in any way ! (wath the readme file inside the package)
Please, fav it if you use it and give me a link back if you can ;)
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Can you tell me, please, how rendering this texture in Poser? Specular its a Bump or what? What is Normal? And why they renderings only in SuperFly, and FireFly rendring chain texture on all others?
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I don't use Poser, I can't help you on that. =|
Normal map is for bump mapping and specular map is for light reflectance etc...
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Just wanted to let you know I used a few of your textures for an icon project! You have been credited, properly I hope. If you don't like that I've done this, I will take it down by your request.

You are very talented and I only wish I could make game meshes and textures as well as you can!
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Great work, neat & stylish :thumbsup:;)
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Thank you very much!
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These are just damn sexy!  Thanks!
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You're welcome, thanks :thumbsup:;)
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Very good,thank you.
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You're welcome, thank you! :thumbsup:;)
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Your deviation has been featured in my journal this week. [link] :hug:
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Thank you very much :thumbsup:;)
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You are very welcome.:hug:
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especially :love: the brick!
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damn nice as always :)
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