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[Cubebrush] Free Wooden Crates v.2



This a reworked version.

Textures are now 1024² instead of 512 & PBR-ready
Meshes are remapped (2 UVs for FBX files).

Get it here: cbr.sh/ugi6j

I've done something I really shouldn't : checking the sales.
It's never a great feeling to see a fact being confirmed again & again: generous people are not numerous.
In Cubebrush sellers can set a suggested price which be shown by default, to push buyer to be generous and supportive.
If buyers don't want to, they lower the price by themselves.

I always set this suggested price to $1... they all (buyers) set it to 0.

I'm smart enough to know that there are plenty of reasons for them to do that... stil, itl hurts a bit. =|
I'm smart enough to know that my work might be not that worthy, I am an amateur & I don't hate that.

$1 seems so cheap, even compared to €1 (I'm european) but if each buyers had bought them for just $1 each (assets), it would have been more than nothing. =|

Because that generosity (Patreon included) added to my revenues from Unity & UE4 stores, I could make a better living  from it, enough to get less/not-anymore social aids from my country.
(getting these aids means I don't earn enough to sustain myself a minimum... basically being under the poverty limit)


I know I shouldn't wrote that but sometimes I'm fed up of keeping that for myself.
I'm an idealistic but this is not easy in this SickSadWorld. =)

-Yughues (sorry for my english on this one ^^; )
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would consider getting the free pack if it wasn't 10€ for the commercial license. same with other assets.. would obviously support more if project was successful.