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[Cubebrush] Free Wooden Crates v.2

By Yughues
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This a reworked version.

Textures are now 1024² instead of 512 & PBR-ready
Meshes are remapped (2 UVs for FBX files).

Get it here:

I've done something I really shouldn't : checking the sales.
It's never a great feeling to see a fact being confirmed again & again: generous people are not numerous.
In Cubebrush sellers can set a suggested price which be shown by default, to push buyer to be generous and supportive.
If buyers don't want to, they lower the price by themselves.

I always set this suggested price to $1... they all (buyers) set it to 0.

I'm smart enough to know that there are plenty of reasons for them to do that... stil, itl hurts a bit. =|
I'm smart enough to know that my work might be not that worthy, I am an amateur & I don't hate that.

$1 seems so cheap, even compared to €1 (I'm european) but if each buyers had bought them for just $1 each (assets), it would have been more than nothing. =|

Because that generosity (Patreon included) added to my revenues from Unity & UE4 stores, I could make a better living  from it, enough to get less/not-anymore social aids from my country.
(getting these aids means I don't earn enough to sustain myself a minimum... basically being under the poverty limit)


I know I shouldn't wrote that but sometimes I'm fed up of keeping that for myself.
I'm an idealistic but this is not easy in this SickSadWorld. =)

-Yughues (sorry for my english on this one ^^; )
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would consider getting the free pack if it wasn't 10€ for the commercial license. same with other assets.. would obviously support more if project was successful.
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Excellent work with these free assets! Have you considered uploading these to Each asset can be downloaded for free though there's also options to make a donation to the uploader. :)
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Hi, I'm having some sort of stupid problem trying to pay for these on Cubebrush, could you just PM me your email for Paypal payments?
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Good work in these.
Man, you should count 0.01% of people will pay for something that can be free (that number is not made up). 
The funny thing is, if it's not free, even at 1$, you'll see it pirated somewhere.

Best luck :)
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Thanks :thumbsup:;)
You know, I already see some of my free stuff being pirated, so... xD
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THX for this HQ asset pack!!! :D
Yughues's avatar
You're welcome =)
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just bought them for 2$thanx a lot.. I guess they are worth atleast 10 but I dont have to much money :(
Yughues's avatar
Thank you for your support! :thumbsup:;)
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man get that 50 cent price on them and you should not care about people who dont spent a few cents on something they could use ;) or at least 20 cents (it's nothing nowadays)

your models are awesome, so you could get something in return ;) keep up the GOOD WORK
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People can lower the price by themselves.
They actually do... pretty well... to 0. =)
They reserve their generosity to something/someone else.

I won't set a hard price 'cause it's meant to be free. More than 0 would just be donation/support.
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they will allways do that :( it's nature of most people to get thing as cheap as posible and if they can get for free they dont care about others :(
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I know. That what saddened the idealist in me. =|
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good it not killed him ;) never give up man ;)
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love the model  
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I just read about your sales issue. It's totally understandable that you are frustrated by now. I would be too in your position.. Is there a possibility to set the prize to a minimum? Like you suggest 1 $ and your minimum is 50c?^^
And don't worry, it's not because your work isn't worth it. It's because (most) people do not see that they have to give something in return when they use your (or someone else's) work. As sad as it is - if there is something for free, they take it for free..
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I can set it to a minimum but it would be bying instead of donating.
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Oh, alright. Still not fair that you get no money for your work. Nice models btw (:
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