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Clock bomb

I tried to make something quickly... It took 3 days ^^;

Youtube : [link]

Other Packs : [link]

Commissions : [link]

Absolutly free to use in any way !
Don't forget to fav it if you use it and give me a link as feedback, I'm curious to see how it looks when it's used. ;)
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thank you for my follow tutorial
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How can these idiots not tell a difference between this clock and that clock!?…
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Suspicious & scared-to-shit people do dumb things. =|
Nothing new.
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thank you for the great stock! :D (Big Grin) 

used here: link  link   
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You're welcome. Great work! =)
Do you allow use of your models in comercial porposes? As in sold as standalone 3d model inside game?
I found it sold on Second life marketplace! Here is link to it: [link]
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Yes I do.
In my mind it's only INSIDE a commercial project, not sold. ><
But as long as my work is CC0/public domain, everyone can do everything, that's the rule.
The only only difference will be how "bitch" could be the persons.
I means removing my name is just stupid. =/

I have to deal with it. =)

But if you want to do something about it, feel free. ;)
Only one who can do anything about it is you as creator. You need to file DMCA,this is how you do it [link] ,eather thru paper mail or fax (fax is faster normaly) Since you didnt allow that persone to sell your models as it does (and it has fiew as far as i noticed) File DMCA for each model separate so Linden labs will most likly remove whole shop and merchant from market and world.
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Like I said, I share my stuffs under CC0/public domain copyright so he can do it, even if it's not really respectful. =/
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really cool model, i might use it :)
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Throw one into the classroom and everyone dead.
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Classroom no, for us, the Élysée would be just enough :D
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Yeah, Élysée, Paris, France, the french "White House" ^^;
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Owh, kinda Buckingham Palace?
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Looks great as usuall man! However I get a feeling that bumpmap isn't really needed is it? :P Also I think I should add, it's called a Diffuse map, not diffus! Anyway, looks brilliant, keep up the good work!
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Thank you :thumbsup:;)

Diffuse ? Got it, I should have known ^^;

The normal map adds details on the glass of the clock & on the caps of the sticks.
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Did you make a High Poly to bake the low poly normal map?
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I tried but failed.
No I'm kidding, I did but I had to fixed some issues with xNormal's Photoshop plugin (bmp to normal).
It's been a while I've modeled so I need some training again ^^;
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Just a silly question :) I notice your triangles on the face of the clock are very uniform, so are the straps (and require minimal tris) Do you alter the topology of your models after triangulating them? Or is just good placement of quads alone?
It looks really cool :D
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I've seen on some tutorials & videos that quads is the standard, so I work only in quads.
The tris are "added" by the rendering software but I don't alter the topolgy. It's way enough complicated with quads :D
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