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[Unity] Yughues Chemistry Glassware V2

Unity :…

Gumroad :

Cubebrush :

63 objects/prefabs with 4 LODs each + collision, PBR

It's an upgrade/remake of this very old asset :

Detailled list:

  • 4 beakers
  • 4 bottles
  • 1 bunsen burner
  • 1 condenser
  • 1 eletric heater
  • 4 erlenmeyers
  • 1 fernbach flask
  • 1 fleaker
  • 4 funnels
  • 1 glass syringe
  • 4 graduated cylinders
  • 1 hydrometer
  • 1 magnetic stirrer + stirrer
  • 3 microscope slides
  • 1 mortar
  • 1 nessler tube
  • 4 pear-bottom flasks
  • 3 petri dishes (no-cap, opened, closed)
  • 1 pipet (measuring rod + plastic pump)
  • 1 quartz cuve
  • 1 electric round-bottoms heater
  • 1 retort
  • 4 round-bottom flasks
  • 1 stirring rod
  • 1 metallic support with metallic clamp
  • 2 syringes (big & tiny)
  • 1 test tablet
  • 1 test tube
  • 1 thiele tube
  • 1 thistle tube
  • 1 tube support
  • 4 volumetric flasks
  • 1 watch glass



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Yughues Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017
You're welcome =)
caiguise Featured By Owner May 15, 2017
Read your bio, and noticed you also struggle with depression and anxiety.  If you ever want to talk about it, or about treatment options, feel free to email me at caiguiseatgmaildotcom.  Doctors often ignore some of the older options, as well as the more innovative.  I'm glad you've found something you feel passionate about, and the fact that you are good at it is icing on the cake.  I really appreciate the work you do, both the assets and elements which help others learn how to use the techniques.  Hang in there, you are making a difference in the world, and for the better.
Yughues Featured By Owner May 15, 2017
Thank you for your comment. =)
My depression is well subdued (with natural plants) and my anxiety ""soften"".
It's not paradise but it's well enough to feel good/better now.
caiguise Featured By Owner May 23, 2017
I'm glad to hear you are currently feeling good/better.  I don't think people who haven't experienced depression really understand how wonderful it is just to feel good, or how colourful the world looks when you pull out of depression.  If you ever want to talk, my email is the same as my username, at gmaildotcom.  The same is true if there are things I can help with relating to 3d assets.  I have a masters in textiles and clothing, and a doctorate in history of science, technology, and medicine.  Ferreting out resources is part of that skill set, as well as speaking enough technobabble to use powerful, but poorly documented, programs like meshlab.  I can turn raster graphics into vector graphics (so far only 2d, but I'm working on a method to do this with 3d items), change file formats, simplify a complex mesh or make the mesh size even.  If you ever need that sort of grunt work done, email me.

Cai Guise-Richardson 
healingmage Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017
Using a couple of your texture packs from open game art in Quiz Game Show 2 (game where you make and host your own shows).  Want me to link you to it when I'm done?
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