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Now there was no one in whom he could confide, so he suffered in silence. After his demise, every trace of his existence was swept into the darkness of obscurity, the truth of his plight never to be known.

Taking it easy with Inktober this year. These might be my only pieces this time around or I might do more if I feel like it. Not really a fan of using brush pens for lineart but the hair was definitely fun. :'D I mostly used the same inking tools for both pieces but edited them separately so the colours ended up a bit different.

More concepts for this lore character from Lost Fledgling! I also drew him last year (time flies...) Related pic from last year

Tools: Pentel Pocket & Regular EF brush pens, Deleter Neopiko-Line-3 brush pen, Deleter Black 5 ink (diluted), white gel pen on Copic Thick Marker Paper/Gagaku-shi. A5 size.
Character & story © yueyuetan 
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I like this one.
Very cool.
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The art expression suits perfectly with the caption. Also, beautiful draw, just a bit sad

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There's so much emotion in these two frames! Wow!! :star:
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You've portrayed the emotion really well, I feel so sorry for this character in this moment!

Brush pens are great fun for hair :D

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Thank you!
Haha yes much more fun than fineliners for detailed hair especially. x_x
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You did a very good job with the gray tones

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just beautiful.
Deadpool - OK 
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